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Internet Marketing Small Home Business eBooks

  • Need to know about web site marketing?
    All the Information and Practical Advice You Need, to Answer All Your web site marketing ... Cut right through the confusion and hype that you see in other marketing courses, to get real step-by-step, web site marketing strategies - over 30 closely guarded - most productive website marketing tactics ...
    Web site marketing techniques and strategies
  • 21 Ways to Maximize Profits on Google AdWords
    Excellent report by Andrew Goodman of Page-Zero on maximising your returns advertising on Google. I picked up several techniques and tips on just my first reading, and increased targetted clickthroughs straightaway. Recommended. 21 ways to maximize profits on google adwords - read more...
  • Internet Business Plans
    30 professional internet business creators, with hundreds of profitable websites between them, explain precisely in these step-by-step plans how you can build your own successful website.
  • Insider Internet Marketing
    Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing has exposed EVERY revealing marketing strategy, method, secret, resource, tool, and trick that he (as well as other prominent net marketers) have employed to explode online profits.
  • Search Engine Report
    This is the single best publication about search engines that I have read, and I believe, that exists!
  • The Complete Insiders Guide to Affiliate Programs
    This is a "must-have" book for anyone planning to set up an associate program to sell their product or service. With specific examples and how-to advice this ebook is highly recommended.
  • AutoResponder Magic
    With most people only buying after their 5th or 6th contact getting your follow up system right is of paramount importance. The key to powerful follow up email messages.
  • “301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques, & Secrets” The Insider’s Guide to Direct Mail Marketing.
    is packed with proven examples of direct mail formulas which will increase your responses dramatically. Written by one of the most successful recent direct mailers around Bill Myers.
  • Classified Magic
    After the headline, one of the hardest pieces of copy to write. Based on years of research, "Robert Boduch has created the first classified advert writing mastter class".
  • Great Headlines Instantly
    What's the 3 second secret? A Great Headline. 3 Seconds is the time you take to decide if something is worth reading, and what's the first thing? The headline. Get that right and at least your sales copy gets a look in. Another solid book from Robert Boduch.
  • Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell
    Writing sales presentations for the internet is a special skill. It demands a different approach than paper sales copy. Bob Silber outlines exactly how you can guarantee interest in whatever it is you are promoting on the internet.
  • MAGNETIC SALESLETTERS the Ultimate Collection of Winning Ads and Salesletters
    Michael Kimble has gathered some of best salesletters ever written. This isn't luff, these letters between have created millions in sales. If you want a guide book to writing order compelling copy - this is it.
  • eBay™ Marketing Secrets
    Selling on eBay™? Do you know what days are best to post your ads? What times, what categories? Clear cut marketing stratgies for successful selling on eBay™.
  • eBay™ Secrets Revealed
    With more of a slant on the whole internet auctioning business, eBay™ Secrets Revealed is a 154 page ebook that covers everything you need to know to become a 'PowerSeller'.
  • Email Marketing Strategies
    Are you making the mistakes that are ruining fully 95% of internet marketers? Marketing with email is its own beast, nothing like direct mail. If you're just doing the same thing and getting no where, you need to check this out.
  • Under Oath - The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing.
    If you've missed the hype about this book, you surely haven't been on the internet long. Stephen Pierce outlines clearly and consisely how he makes over $30,000 a month with affiliate programs. And he shares how he gets consistent high rankings on Google and the other major search engines. Free Sample Download | Testimonials | Review by Allen Says of the Internet marketing Warriors
  • Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World
    Concentration And the Acquirement of Personal Magnetism
    The Master Key System
    Just How to Wake Up The Solar Plexus
    The Magic Story
    Thought Force in Business And Every Day Life
    The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism
    Available as one package of classic success texts that are the basis of many formulas promoted by the Success Gurus. These books have been unavailable for decades having only recently transcribed into electronic books. Rare chance to learn success in many areas of your life (and mind) from the masters.
  • Gimme My Money Now
    Part of the 'Cash like Clockwork' Marlon Sanders, this should be listed in under heading of its own. As well Marlon Sanders step-by-step marketing techniques laid bare, you'll also receive 12 months of his personal newsletter, a workbook to make it simple to follow his strategies, software and more.
  • The Ultimate Beginners Computer Guide
    You may have been using a computer for years, but do you know how how to download files, zip and unzip, navigate your computer, back up files, ftp, avoid viruses, cut and paste, chat, send instant messages, download and play mp3's? And that's just for starters. Learn these essential skills, part of successful making a living on the internet.
  • The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy
    Why digital products are your best bet. Ad copy that works. How to automate all your follow ups. How to format your web pages. If you're looking for a clear cut formula to how you should go about launching a promoting your first internet product, this ebook is for you. Written by Marlon Sanders (his Masters degree in Psychology really guides you to order grabbing sales copy), this is one of the first ebooks for your library.
  • Internet Cash Machines
    With over 7 years consistent internet marketing success, Allen Says founder of the Internet Marketing Warriors & WarriorPro puts a concise 4 step plan in front of you for low-cost no-cost marketing that works. And this ebook comes with Reprint and Resale Rights.
  • Full list of copywriting and sales letter writing books.
  • Internet Marketing Experts Newsletter
    News from internet marketing experts, reviews, internet marketing tips and more
  • Web Law. Is your web site breaking the law? Find out how to make your website safe and legal


Software for Web Sites and Webmasters

  • Affiliate Defender
    Surprised as to how little you make with your clickbank and affiliate links? After all you're getting visitors. So what's the problem? Link theft. Unfortunately it is all to easy for the unscrupulous visitor to substitute their clickbank link for yours, buy on their link, and deny you your profits - After you alerted them to the value of the product! Stop it now with Affiliate Defender.
  • Create Pop-Ups in Two and a Half Minutes
    Whatever you say about them, pop-ups still produce results. Ideally suited to promoting your ezine or mailing list, or special offer, pop-ups are now easy for you produce with this automated software. Front or back pop-up, whatever size you want, load time and duration - Create your own pop-ups whenever you want.
  • Instant Email Scrambler
    Spammers find you from your email address on your web site. Stop such email "harvesting" in its tracks.  Stop your email address from being captured.
  • Instant Site Maker
    Quickly create stunning web pages in less than 5 minutes. No coding involved, Instant Site Maker automatically creates your web pages for you. No software to install - just download and run. (Requires Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher)
  • Lightning Track - Advert Tracking Software
    More than just tracking link clicks, you can also do split test marketing - testing one web page against another to discover the most effective copy. Can be used on unlimited domains.
  • Free Software For Ever
    Currently over 60 software packages covering business and leisure activities. You pay a once only fee and you have the rights to use all and resell on most of them, and all the products they develop and add to this package. You also receive a library of ebooks and marketing support. Currently only $39. And you can also promote the whole deal to others. Currently they are offering two free sample software packages.
  • ListMailPro
    Excellent mailing list software. I use it on all my sites and recommend it highly. As well as organising your mail lists, you can track email click throughs and organise follow up emails with this customisable software. Price includes free upgrades and installation assistance. Can be used on unlimited (as long as they are yours) domains for an unlimited amount of lists.
  • AssocTRAC Affiliate program Software
    Developed by an experienced and successful marketer with thousands of affiliates himeself, Corey Rudl, this recently updated software helps service and support your affiliates for maximum profit and minimum effort. If you are looking to start or updated your affilliate program, this is definitely one to add to your comparison list.
  • Mailloop email Newsletter and Follow Up Message Software
    That actually is a terrible description for a piece of kit (just upgraded) that can really do the job of developing the ideal relationship with your clients so they trust and buy from you. Customise all your emails, have follow up messages all pre programmed ready to go - the Complete e-Business Automaton System


'Home Business/EBiz Developer' Newsletter Archive

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Business Building Articles



Build and Promote Your Web Site

  • Free Web Site Design Resources
    Start here. Tips on choosing your domain name, site design, and making your site work effectively.
  • Free Web Site Tempates
    Web site templates are pre designed web pages ready for you to add your information. If you have some html know how this could be the route for you.
  • Web Site Design - Scripts
    Every now and then you will want to add a script to offer your visitors the opportunity to recommend your site, or sign up to something, or just to make your site look more interesting...
  • Free Web Site Tools
    Items that don't fit in anywhere else...
  • Affiliation Schemes -Extra Money from Your Web Site
    When you promote products and services that complement your exisiting business, you can earn commissions. This may also make your business look more professional.
  • Write Your Own Promotional Articles
  • Webmaster Software
  • Using Search Engines to Promote your Web Site
    Make sure those spiders get the point - Don't know what I'm talking about? You definitely need to read this section...
  • Web Site marketing 'Tricks'
    Tricks of the trade. (well they were yesterday but don't let that stop you.)
  • UK Search Engines
    As comprehensive as I can make it list of UK Search Engines - please tell me otherwise! Use this list to submit your web site.
  • UK & Worldwide WebRings
    Ugly but extremely useful tool. A webring is a collection of similar interest sites under one banner. There are thousands of webrings covering every subject conceivable, and most probably one waiting for you to join. If not, start your own and contact similar sites to build your ring up.
  • Discussion Forums
    At the end of the day, one of the best places to get advice and knowledge is from a Discussion Forum. Especially the advert free ones! Here is a selection of the ones that I find most useful - not all necessarily UK based, but offering the best advice.


Build Your Small Home Business

Successful Mind


Home Publishing Course

  • Self Publishing Course from Top UK Home Publisher Phil Gosling
    Discover why some self publishers make thousands every week running simple paper-based projects like NEWSLETTERS and Manuals. A simple newsletter project can earn you £100,000+ per year, every year. Free sample download.
  • Background on Phil Gosling
    Have you ever had this lunatic idea of doing your own thing from a nice home with enough in the bank for all your needs? Ever had a crazy notion that you could live an honest life in which Mondays are actually pleasant and people you speak to are nice? I had this vague idea of how it could be done....
  • Testimonials from the Home Publishing Course Subscribers
    "Thank you and Congratulations! I have spent ten years looking at just about every business 'opportunity' (so-called) available and reading ALL the books and newsletters, listening to ALL the tapes, surfing ALL the 'best' websites, etc. etc..... This is the first time I have felt really, genuinely excited. .. It is brilliant!"


Affiliate Programs


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Internet Marketing Seminar

  • Corey Rudl Internet Marketing Seminars
    For the past three years, Corey's course "The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet" has outsold all other Internet marketing courses online. And his customers are so thrilled with his strategies, over 99% of them subscribe to his newsletter, too. This level of customer satisfaction is unheard of.
    Corey's course is packed cover-to-cover with tips, tricks, and techniques that you just won't find anywhere else. However, you should also know that Corey does make a point of holding back some “extra special” tips and strategies for his live appearances at seminars… Now you can get your hands on these at less than a tenth of the price of actually attending one of his £1000 a time seminars.


Subscription Web Sites - Product Developing


SuccessSecrets Services:

  • Web site design
    From a single page to multi page web sites, all designed with search engines, ease of customer use and practical updating in mind.
  • Accept Credit Cards on Your Web Site
    Affiliate for IMC & TMS merchant account services - Developed with the guidance of Corey Rudl, this service offers full support, shopping cart software, secure servers, gateway software to create an easy to incorporate and customer reassuring online payment system for all your products.
  • Business Services Online - Automated Email/Database Marketing
    Boost your sales, build relationships, and make your online marketing efforts more fun and rewarding. Speak directly to your prospect and client’s interests with unlimited automated and targeted follow-up campaigns. This personalized communication over time builds trust and creates more responsive prospects and clients.
  • Ad Tracking
    Effective Ad Tracking shows you which links on your site perform, and which do not.
  • Autoresponders
    Complete Follow-Up Autoresponder System that writes all your follow-up messages for you
  • Internet Marketing Forum
    One Of The First Secrets To Making Money Online Is Joing the Right Internet Marketing Forum And the Right One is The Best One: The Warrior Forum
  • Web Site Hosting
    Sooner or later everyone realizes that they must have their own domain name. However, who you get to host that domain makes all the difference in the world. Most web site hosting companies simply provide you with space and that's that. You're on your own when it comes to making your new site profitable.


  • Increase Success - Increase success and personal wealth improving your self confidence
  • Personal Power - Personal power success motivation self improvement book
  • Keys to Success - Discover the keys to success and personal motivation in this motivational book


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