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Mailloop 5.0 -
Email follow up message marketing

Automating your internet business

I want software to automatically turn itself on in the morning before I get to work, check my email, and automatically process any information requests, subscribe and unsubscribe people to my newsletter, import my customers' order forms into my customer database, as well as any survey forms into my database, process any autoresponder and email forwarding requests, etc. It just leaves me with personal email to take care of when I get to my computer in the morning.

If I want to email my customers or potential clients (from ads I have run), I want software that, with a push of a button, will automatically mail merge my entire customer database information into mass personalized email (like "Hi John, Thanks for your inquiry on Sept 20th, 1998"... etc.). If you have Corey's Internet Marketing Course, you know the importance of a "backend" product and why it is critically important to stay in touch with your customers continually. Software that can do this will make my business (and your business) VERY profitable. As you may already know, more than 50% of your net profits will come from backends, if you do it right.

How about software that will post my ad to 15 newsgroups every week (without getting cancelled by the cancel-bots)?

And the list just goes on.

Well, there is software which will do everything just mentioned (and much more). We use it everyday, as it has been solely responsible for making Corey's business over $70,000 so far this year. It is called Mailloop. Click here to learn more about it (you will be pleasantly surprised).




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