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How to Pocket $75,00 a year or more as a Newsletter Publisher

According to Howard Penn Hudson publisher of The Newsletter on Newsletters,

"There are at least 100,000 professional and amateur newsletters in the United States-some estimate as many as 500,000- and they are read by millions of people."

To be successful with as a newsletter publisher, you have to specialize.
Your best bet will be with new information on a subject that is not already covered by an established newsletter.
Writing and publishing a successful newsletter is perhaps one of the most competitive of all publishing ventures, and in order for you to succeed in this field you must find a void in the marketplace and then fill it with your specialized newsletter.
Regardless of the frustrations involved in launching your own newsletter, never forget this truth;
There are people from all walks of life, in all parts of this country, many of them with no writing ability what so ever, who are making incredible profits with a simple two-four-six and eight page newsletters.

Your first step should be to subscribe to as many different newsletters as you can afford. Analyze and study how the others are doing it. Attend as many workshops and seminars on your subject as possible. Learn from the pros. Learn how the successful newsletter publishers are doing it, and why they are making money. Adapt their success methods to your own newsletter, but determine to recognize where they are weak, and make yours better in every way.

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