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The Ultimate Headline That Can Make You Rich!
by Stephen Pierce - Author of 'The Whole Truth About Internet Marketing'

If the headline is what gets them there, then it's the *proof* that keeps them there.
Follow closely...

A powerful headline is 10% what you say and 90% what you prove.

Headlines can simultaneously create curiosity and skepticism.

Until proven otherwise, your headline is an empty promise.

It's important that you fully understand that the tidal wave of lies and deceit online have created a gap between you and your target market. Bridge that gap with TRUST!

Build trust by quickly and immediately proving your headline.

Proof creates trust.

Trust eliminates skepticism.

Trust transforms the curious visitor into a customer for life.

The ultimate headline that can make you rich is the compelling headline supported by jury convicting undeniable proof that YOU yourself did what the headlines promises.

This proof can eliminate all reasonable doubt.

Draw your visitors in with your headline, blow their socks off with the proof.Prove the headline to be actual, factual and true and watch your cash flow explode into a magnificent mushroom cloud of profits.

Slick words do not build trust, they fuel skepticism.

Proof makes your website read differently.

Same words, but a different frame of mind.

Instead of a fast talking slick internet pitchman, PROOF transforms your website and words into a copywriting masterpiece where the visitor feels that you know what you are talking about.

That feeling can more quickly and easily move customers to your order page resulting in higher sales for you and a satisfing purchase for your visitors.

See for yourself how a website that uses *proof* to sell a new eBook has become the #1 selling marketing eBook at Clickbank: The Whole Truth about Internet Marketing

With no list and no internet marketing contacts, this product used the power of *proof* to become a sales and affiliate producing magnet.

Learn from this real life example:

Bringing in over 800 affiliates in less than three weeks to include top guns like Allen Says, Frank Kern, Armind Morin, Alex Sampson and Andrew Fox.

Selling over 1,000 copies in less than 3 weeks at $47.97 each, while exploding its ezine list from zero to over 3,700 subscribers in less than 3 weeks.

As the #1 selling marketing eBook at ClickBank, this eBook, its website are the model example of how using the prolific power of *proof* can take an unknown product and it's author to internet stardom.

Follow this example and learn how to launch your new product.

The above is part of an exclusive report written by Stephen Pierce for The Warrior's Group.

-- ClickBank says about Stephen Pierce " would be wise to listen to everything he has to say." Stephen Pierce is has been online marketing investment services since 1998. Certified as one of ClickBanks Top 5% money earners and product movers, Pierce consistently brings in over +$30,000.00 a month in net profits and has recently introduced a new website which reveals The *Shocking* Truth and Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing.

©Stephen Pierce - All Rights Reserved.

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