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Using The Google Adsense program to make money from your website

“How To Make Google Your Cash Partner” by Armand Morin

Contextual advertising. That’s my new word for the day. It’s fun to say. It’s the Google Ad Sense Program.

Google came out with their Ad Sense Program, they’re syndicating their ad words.. That allows you to put advertising on your site.

Anyone can sign up. It doesn’t cost anything and the words that show up are based upon the topic of your site. Okay?

Ads pertaining to your topic - again, it’s very, very relevant as far as what you’re doing. That’s the highlight of it.

That’s what Google does.

But the cash partner is going to put little advertising on my page. That’s what’s generating me a lot of money every month. And that’s what will generate you a lot of money every month; 100% targeted advertising, which means all those words are very, very relevant. And it only shows ads based upon what the topic is of that site.

So when you see my insomnia site, on the right-hand side, guess what? Those are people advertising under the term insomnia.

Some of you may have advertised in Google Ad Words. It’s not cheap, in many cases. What they do is they pay you a percentage.

For example, popular drugs, Centramine, or whatever it is. Sounds like that. You’re advertising that. That’s a pharmaceutical, right?

People are paying $5 and $6 for every click that they get from Google. Google will pay you a percentage of that, which means you can make like $1, $2 or $3 for one person clicking on that link off of your site.

Now, if you had thousands of people coming to your site a day, do you think that would add up? Pretty quick. I’ve had clicks ranging from 5¢, what I was paid, all the way up to where I was getting paid over $2. In one case, $3 one time, for a click.

It depends on the topic, what’s going to be paid more.

For example, if you were advertising "gambling," do you think it costs more to advertise under kitchen utensils or mortgage sites? Who do you think is going to pay more money for the advertising?

Mortgages. Why? There’s more money in it. And there’s not a lot of money in kitchen utensils.

So, if you advertise a thing on mortgages, which I’m driving maybe 10,000 people a day right now, just under the term mortgages, do you think you could make money from that? Do you think you could sell the leads from that?

Do you think people would be interested in buying those leads, automatically, without you doing anything? Yes, because that’s what I market. I market mortgages like that, and I don’t do anything. I have another company that pays me $36 for every one of those clicks that I get to my page to theirs if a person just fills out a form. It’s free. And I get paid $36. So I would do maybe a few of those a day. It doesn’t take much.

How to implement Google Ad Sense:

Simply add it to your site. Add it to your sales letter. You could add it to your thank you pages. But no, no and no.

Remember, you don’t want to put this on your regular sales letters. You don’t want to put this on your normal sales site that you’re trying to make money from, that you’re trying to sell things from.

Do not interfere with the sales process unless you want to totally depreciate the sales that you’re currently getting. Don’t put it on those pages.

You need to make optimized pages. This is the best way to add Google - drive traffic to an optimized page.

And then, have a themed page, which means everything is relevant to a specific keyword, so you’ll make more money from that Google Ad Sense on the right.

Optimize for search engines, optimize for click-thru’s. You want the click. You want people to click on the Ad Sense money.

The Ad Sense on the right-hand side, people click, you make money.

You need a product to promote. But you also want to make sales, as well.

So how would you do that?

We have Ad Sense on the right. Do you know that by having it on the right-hand side of the page, you will increase the amount of click-thru’s?

Simply because it’s easier for a person to click. The mouse is on the right-hand side of the page, that’s where your scroll bar is, so therefore it’s easier for people to click and they will click on it more often.

Tables must be set up properly for search engines. If you understand how search engines work, when it comes to HTML, it makes kind of weird. On my page, there was a distinct two tables in it. I had everything on one side, then I had this little tiny table on the right-hand side that had Google.

Well, the search engines read everything down the left-hand side, which is all those keywords optimized for that page. And then it goes to my Google. So it doesn’t interfere with my search engine rankings and how I’m getting optimized.

Currently, it’s generating over five figures a month.

You can create a huge additional income, though, not only Google Ad Sense but by adding other products to market. You see, I make sales from all this as well. Every page I have promotes a product. That’s what you need to do. You need to promote a product because people will click on it.

Remember, this is targeted traffic. They’re looking for something to buy.

So it can be yours at first, if you have a product already. I promote some of my own products this way. Pages can literally promote anything. You can promote affiliate programs.

You can promote ClickBank. I use ClickBank for affiliate programs, to get things to market. I use CommissionJunction. I use LinkShare. I use AffiliateWindow with 2Tier.com and AssociatePrograms.com.

Add .com to those previous ones; ClickBank.com, CommissionJunction.com, LinkShare.com.

If you add those to all of that, you’ll see that those are all programs you can promote. You can sign up to be an affiliate for free and you have access to literally thousands and thousands and thousands of products that they’ll pay you anywhere between 5% to, in many cases, 60% and 70% of what the sale price is.

And AffiliateWindow.com and AssociatePrograms.com.


This article is brought to you by WorldInternetSummit.com
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