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Search Engine Optimization Expert Shares Some Advice on Getting Your Web Site Indexed High in Search Engines ...

“How To Get Your Site Listed High In A Search Engine"
BY Armand Morin

There are problems with S.E.O. (stands for search engine optimization).

Number one, it takes forever.

Number two, you’re competing with full-time people to get to the top of the search engines.

If your keyword was popular, like “real estate’, do you think that you could easily go in and replace the number one site for that keyword with your site? Not very easily. That particular word is probably “owned” by realestate.com. You can’t get any more appropriate than realestate.com, no matter what your word is.

So you’re competing head-to-head with full-time S.E.O. companies. If you hire someone to do it, it’s about $2,000 to $3,000 a month. That’s expensive. I don’t want to pay that.

Most people use the wrong keywords, because they don’t really know what people are searching for.

You need to become an expert.

I spent six months of my life doing nothing but search engine optimization, just trying to figure out this game. I realized that most of it was really bad and I don’t need to know that stuff. But I had to become an expert at it.

And it’s boring - boring as all heck; “What are you going to do today?” “Well, I think I’ll just search for some keywords and put them on my site and fix my title tags.”

Is that so much a great day?

The most important part that I want you to understand is that you’re not an S.E.O. company. The other point is, “Why do it if there’s a better way?”

That’s the way that you can do it yourself.

Before you even get into your search engines and you start optimizing your page for higher ranking, the first thing is just to get your site into the search engines.

Are all of your sites listed in Google right now?

If not, this is how we’re going to get your site listed.

Google has something unique called PageRank..

To find your PageRank, you download Google’s toolbar. You need to have the reporting version. They give you 2 options when it comes to this.

The reporting version sends Google information; if you you have this toolbar installed and go to a site that is not listed in Google, the toolbar sends a message back to Google, “We don’t have this site. So we had better add it so we can spider it (that means to include it into our search engine later).”

Sometimes, I just sit there and I hit refresh, refresh, refresh. I want to send as many of these messages back to Google as possible: “This site’s not in. This site’s not in.” That’s what I do sometimes. I don’t know if it works, but it can’t hurt. I thought of making a little program that just refreshed the page constantly, but I don’t think that’s going to work.

PageRank goes on a scale between actually zero and 10, 10 being the best and zero being the worst. If you don’t have a PageRank above a three, then it’s no good.

They don’t care. You don’t exist unless you have a number three or above PageRank.

The Google toolbar has a “Google” search-box, you can search with it. It has a pop-up blocker built into it, so it’s kind of neat.

Then there is PageRank. When you put your mouse over that bar, you’ll find the PageRank; Google’s measure of the importance of the page that you’re on – say that it’s six out of 10. Six is good. Six is very good. Seven is better. But six is good.

What does this “six” mean? If we want to get sites listed into Google, we need to make sure that we have a high PageRank, because that will determine how often Google revisits our site.

For example, if Google was only visiting your site once per month, how often do you think you could get another site in? Maybe once a month but probably about every three months - maybe even longer.

Usually, I find that it takes between three and five visits to get another page in.

Even after they’ve indexed your page, meaning once they’ve accepted the changes that you’ve made, they may need to come back to you three to five times.

If it is only coming once a month, it’s not doing you a lot of good. If I have a six, this means it’s coming every day so that I’m getting new pages in, usually about once a week.

Now, if you have multiple sites that have a six or a seven or a five, guess what? That means you’re going to get multiple sites in and it’s going to spider all of them.

Let me use an example. You have site A, site B and site C.

Site A; Google comes on Monday. Site B; Google comes on Tuesday. Site C; Google comes on Wednesday.

But, if you have a link to A, B and C on each one of these pages times are they are, effectively, hitting your site nine times in three days? Right, does that make sense?

That’s about right, about nine times. In some cases, more than that.

If you don’t have PageRank, borrow it; ask a friend that does have good PageRank to put a link to your site on their site. That’s pretty simple.

How many people have friends like that, though? If you don’t have friends like that, buy them - you can just go to someone and say, “You got a high PageRank? I’ll pay you X number of dollars to go ahead and put a link to me from your site.”

There are companies that do it.

LinkAdage.com. Go to that website and you’ll see it’s an auction site; people with high page rank of five, six, seven, eight (sometimes nine) offering to link.

If you have a site with a PageRank of nine linking to you, you’re golden. I will pay you money. Just come to me. I will fund your whole campaign.

The fact is that you can buy the PageRank of nine,. It’s going to cost you a lot of money, probably, about $2,000 a month.

Do you have to do that every month? No, just one time.

Do I recommend paying $2,000? No, I don’t.

You can usually get one for about $30 or $40 and just do it for 30 days and that’s all you need. Their PageRank will transfer to you.

Let me give you an example. If a site had a PageRank of seven and they link to you (say that you have a PageRank of six or let’s say you had no PageRank), you would instantly have a PageRank of six the next time that Google updates because a seven linked to you.

That’s the importance of PageRank. It’s called the transference of PageRank (I just made that up, too).

But LinkAdOption, another site, does same thing - it’s an auction site. You’re just bidding with somebody else. Sometimes you’ll find these great deals. I don’t recommend spending a lot of money doing this, because you only need it for a short period of time. If you do it, do it for one month and that’s it.

Again, buy a link from someone else’s site. Just like I said, this is just reviewing. Buy PageRanks for short periods of time. Only bid on PR6 or higher, that’s key. PR6 is the most valuable site.

For example, once your site is up for a while, you probably have a PageRank of three, maybe a four. That’s fine. You’re good. You don’t have to do too much from there.

But a PageRank of six is the best to bid on, if you don’t have no PageRank when you find this out.

The higher the PageRank - the better again. A high PageRank equals faster inclusion into the search engines. You get indexed more which means you can ultimately get more pages listed in the search engines.


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