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Review of Jim and Dallas Edward's
"Turn Words into Traffic" ebook

Refeshingly written by two experienced and respected writers and journalists, Jim and Dallas Edward's "Turn Words into Traffic" is a comprehensive workbook on getting the best and most genuine traffic for your web site by writing articles.

Whenever anyone asks me the how to get top ranking on google or wherever, my first answer has to be "give the search engines what they want - genuine content".

Articles are the easiest, most guaranteed way of getting great search engine rankings and developing your website's popularity - and of course giving your visitors a tempting tease of the products and servcies your website has to offer.

Even you non-website owners benefit from learning how to write articles. With the multitude of sites looking for fresh content for ezine publishers, writing an article is a free way of spreading the word of the affilition programs you promote.
[You can find a list of sites accepting article submissions here]

So is it's as simple as that, why isn't everyone doing it?

Well they are --- let me rephrase that --- the successful marketers are.

You notice how certain names keep popping up in ezines, in forum discussions, recommended again and again.

These marketers have become 'household' names (on the interent) by working at it.

As well as creating successful products, they've created a successful image, they've become 'experts' in our eyes.

Why? How?

By answering our questions and offering solutions - the ultimate solution being to buy their products - nice!

--- Back to the Plot! ---

Jim and Dallas have put together this comprehensive 179 page 'how to create publicity for your web site with articles' ebook.

Surprisingly for such a large book, it's a waffle-free read, with clear instructions purposefully laid down for you to follow.

Taking you through the psychology of why people will read your article, to brainstorming your article idea, defining what you want your reader to do after reading it, how to make your article enticing to the reader, organising your article, choosing your writing 'voice', editing and polishing your final piece... is just the first half of your read.

'Turn Words Into Traffic', then takes you step by step on the promotion trail. Using promotional techniques that Jim and Dallas Edwards use themselves, you are guided in an exact way how to make sure your articles reach the widest possible audience - for the best effect.

Want to create your own info-product? That's covered too.

I don't review everything I buy - because unfortunately some of it's c**p.

I don't become an affiliate for everything under the sun - because, some of it's utter c**p.

You're reading this review because you're looking to develop publicity -
You want a no-cost way of developing your business (be it your own, or affiliate) -

I'm more than happy to recommend this as a complete package of information that with some small practice in your part, will make your promotional efforts more effective and longr lasting.

You can find out more by clicking here:
Jim and Dallas Edward's "Turn Words Into Traffic"

Happy publicity making,

Vic Carrara

PS> You'll also learn something about great marketing techniques - once you've bought "Turn Words..." watch your inbox for some first rate marketing techniques in action.

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