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Email from Allen Says, founder of the Internet Marketing Warriors to the membership about Stephen Pierce, author of 'The Whole Truth about Internet Marketing' ebook.

Special Notice To The War-Report Subscribers:


Would $30,000 a month in ClickBank commissions interest you?

I sent this out to my personal list the other day and the response has been incredible.

If you do anything for your business this year it should be to take a serious look at this new book by Stephen Pierce....

Fellow Warriors, YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK!!

Fellow Warrior Stephen Pierce has written a book that absolutely floored me.

The difference with Stephen is that he PROVED it upfront and bold.

There is a search engine strategy in this book that just blew me away.

One that allows him to pull in $30,000 a month from ClickBank alone.

This is no's verified by ClickBank themselves.

Check it out

Hey, I'm not crazy, I've got a good reason for telling you about this book.

Many of you promote my affiliate programs and this book can make you a super affiliate beyond all super affiliates.

Get gets my highest recommedation, and that's rare...

Thank you,

Allen Says

The Warriors The Truth About Internet Marketing

Remember, it pays to be a Warrior - Stephen is one of the "O.W.'s" from way back. (Original Warrior)

To find out more about Stephen Pierce's book - 'Under Oath, The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing' - Click here


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