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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Newsletter Publishing by Phil Gosling

Newsletter Publisher - Home Based Business
Phil Gosling talks on desktop publishing and how to write a newsletter ...

"Find out how you can start a GREAT home based business as a Home Newsletter Publisher ... "

Dear Fellow Job Hater,

Have you ever felt like packing it all in? If you knew there was a genuine, honest alternative to the 9-5 grind would you like to know about it?

Ten years ago the loon in this photo lost his job. I didn't mind because it drove me crazy. Every day for 20 years I had joined the rat race at 7.00 am to struggle to work. There had to be a better life than this. 

Have you ever had this lunatic idea of doing your own thing from a nice home with enough in the bank for all your needs? Ever had a crazy notion that you could live an honest life in which Mondays are actually pleasant and people you speak to are nice? I had this vague idea of how it could be done. Only I didn’t do it. I bottled out.

Instead I got involved with some “Business Opportunities” - the “work 15 minutes a day (for the proprietor) to earn £200K a year” type. With no money coming in I lost over ten grand in savings on these scams. That hurt. Perhaps you’ve been there too.

So I went back to the drawing board. I spent three months locked away in a quiet room, fed by a very understanding and totally terrified wife. And I found it - The Perfect Home Business.

I made £48,560 in the first year!

Since then I have managed to actually create the life I dreamed of during those dark days when I was in JOB - Just Over Broke.

The power of this new 21st century home business is extraordinary. Carol, a housewife used it and made £20,000 in a single day. Six months later she has produced over £120,000 - and it was her first attempt.

In my own life I give this example of how this business changed my life.

When I was a clerk I lived in a 3-up, 3-down terraced house with a ten year old banger outside on the street. When I became a sales-representative I moved to a 3-Bed semi with a garden so small the weed filled it. When I started my own transport company I finally moved to 4-Bed detached in a small estate with a financed diesel car in the drive and spent most of my time worried to death.

But when I became a home publisher - WOW. I paid off the mortgage. I bought a new car - for cash. Then I moved to a "bleedin' mansion" as one of my friends called it. (It's not really, but it is nice.) In fact I reckon the Home Publishing business I run is worth ALL the previous jobs added together - THAT'S the difference it can make to your life too.

And this amazing business cost me nothing to start, nothing to run and was self-financing from day one. All I paid for at the time was a computer and printer. In fact, by the time I have finished explaining it I'm certain you will agree that in this business it is almost impossible to lose money. I would like to show you how it's done - and help you make more money enjoying yourself than you ever thought possible.

It doesn't require experience, indeed it's better if you know absolutely nothing. You’ve been fed untruths. It is perfectly possible to start with nothing at all in a business where you contact customers for free, and they fall over themselves in their desire to send you money!

Phil Gosling


Find out more about Phil's Newsletter Publishing Course -
absolutely risk free - Look before you decide ...

Read Part One absolutely FREE of charge & Preview Part Two ...

You can also email Phil with any questions you may have ...

Click Here Now to Discover More -
Home Desktop Newsletter and Ezine Publishing Course


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