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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


The EBiz Developer - August 2001

What's your 'mission statement'?

Whether you are 'just' an affiliate for one programme, or whether you run a dozen sites promoting a thousand affiliations - we all need a mission statement, a goal. A goal for ourselves and for our customers.

Just why are YOU doing this... What do YOU expect to get from your efforts... What can YOUR customers expect to get... And why should they sign up with YOU rather than anyone else.

I've been re-examining mission statements from my various sites and promotions and updating them. In some cases that means offering *less*, in other cases more.

Offering less?
I love the saying "less is more". These days when its so easy to get swamped with ezines, newsletters and the like, many times people just want the essential information. Giving 'less' means focusing ... concentrating on a niche, is one of the secrets of successful marketing.

Build YOUR niche!
Specialise, focus and above all don't let your prospects down.

Best of everything,

Vic Carrara
eBiz Developer

This Issue:
1. $15 investment that follows your site visitors.
2. What happened to the Affiliate Templates?
3. Web design resources
4. Thoughts on success

1. $15 investment that follows your site visitors.

I was honestly astounded when I found this...and only for $15.

Regulars will know that one of my obsessions is in not losing track of prospective clients. Many of the pages I make have email capture forms on them like this: http://www.onlyforprofit.com/advertising/traffic.htm

But I'm sure that I lose some people who just don't like giving their details away no matter how enticing the offer may be.

So what to do?

Well although this doesn't get email addresses, it does offer me the chance of continuing to promote different offers over a series of web pages and not losing the prospect...

Go here: http://www.onlyforprofit.com/portal (no longer in use) and click any of the links (Please note that I Haven't finished loading all the links yet) (While you are there, you may also want to put an ad in the free classifieds section before I start promoting this fully - the link is at the top)

So you've clicked one of the links (hey, I can't explain it properly if you don't!) ... Now that black heading is nothing to do with the page I've sent you to. It's still my link, offering you more links/resources ... and keeping 'hold of you'.

I really think that this is an excellent piece of script for anyone promoting many different affiliations. The best thing is that you can buy the script and have it installed all for $15!

If you're interested, go here

You need to have access to your cgi-bin though. (If you don't perhaps you should consider hosting through me with Host4Profit... http://www.onlyforprofit.com Free cgi-bin, shopping cart, site statistics, plug-in profit mini-sites and a load more...

2. What happened to the Affiliate Templates?

When I re-launched eBiz, one of the aims was to be able to supply you all with fresh and unique website templates for all our various affiliations...Stand out from the crowd idea...

Great idea, but what happens when you all start using the same templates? Rather defeats the object of trying to be individual.

This was one of the reasons in building the portal site on onlyforprofit...A test to see the effectiveness of one page that promotes all your projects simply and cleanly. Easy to update, and alter. I added the free classifieds offer to bring in fresh people to check out my other offerings. The search box adds a bit of legitimacy as well as creating income as you get paid for follow-throughs.

These type of pages are extremely easy to build (but time consuming) and also have the benefit of being reproduced on all your domains quite easily.

3. Web Resources

Design Resources:
Free books to download on web design/managing websites...

New Affiliations:
Autosite Creator, hosting & 30 templates ready to go. Pays on two levels: http://www.autositecreator.com - appears to have gone ...
Free Advertising System:
http://www.thewarriorgroup.com(click affiliate program link at top)

Press Release Companies:

Discount Books 50-90% off:

Stuck for knowing what to do next with your life?
Finding Your Perfect Work

4. Thoughts on success

Most new discoveries are suddenly-seen things that were always there.
Susanne K. Langer

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