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This Amazing New Automated Email/Database Marketing Machine
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Successful entrepreneurs like

-Terry Dean
-Mike Enlow
-Marlon Sanders
-Marty Foley
-Rick Beneteau
to mention a few.

This system has been dubbed by experts such as Marlon Sanders and Terry Dean, as... "The Perfect Online Marketing Machine. The next evolution of "opt-in" email marketing - simple, affordable and powerful."

As they have - boost your sales, build relationships, make your online marketing efforts more fun and rewarding. Speak right to your prospect and client's interests with unlimited automated different, targeted follow-up campaigns. This personalized communication over time builds trust and creates more responsive prospects and clients. This is for people like you who want to give their Internet presence more impact through responsive and responsible online marketing strategies/techniques. If this sounds like you, listen carefully. You will find your solution here on this page. A "risk-free" 30 day trial will prove it to you.

This single COMPLETE system for one low monthly fee takes the place of your:

* List Server (multiple)
* ALL Your Multi-Autoresponders
* Database Management Software
* Automated Follow-Up System
* Contact Manager
* Appointment Scheduler

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Consistent, Personalized, And Targeted Follow-Up Makes The Difference
Between Getting The Sale Or Not!

These days instant responses and personalized consistent follow-up makes the difference between getting the sale or not. You already may know it takes an AVERAGE of 7 follow ups to get the first sale.

The problem is having the time to get this done, consistently. Not to mention the ability to provide different categories of targeted follow-up depending on your contacts needs and desires. Without an automated system in place it does not take long to get buried in your business and have only two choices. Either you spend every waking moment on your business or you lose significant profits.and it gets worse. Even spending every free moment on the mechanics of your business, you still NEVER have the time you need. Now you often sacrifice the key elements, primarily promoting and advertising your business!

Finally The Solution You Have Been Dreaming Of To Put The Mechanics Of Your Business On "Auto-Pilot!"

BambooBiz Online offers 50 autoresponders and unlimited Web forms to respond to inquires and interest instantly. It filters this contact information into your own database marketing machine. You can then follow-up with unlimited "pin-point" targeted messages MERGING IN ANY contact information you want for a very personal touch that gets attention. Now your broadcast mailings are also easier and more effective than you could have imagined.

Proven strategies along with the right automated solution will get results and build your business or your money back. It's that simple.

The unique online database interface makes it easy to manage, manipulate and track all your contact's information. The appointment scheduler even sends you an email each night of your tasks and calls for the next day! You'll never miss another important call, task, appointment, birthday or anniversary again!

The "intelligent" choice to build your business and next evolution of "opt-in" email marketing. Finally, the completely automated marketing, recruiting and training system for you to build your business like crazy!

FINALLY, the complete "affordable" and automated recruiting, prospecting, follow-up, marketing and training system all in one online system for you and your associates!

First, listen for a moment to a few clients and how they feel about their automated marketing system.

"Increase Your Sales by 50%, Cut the Time You Spend on Email in Half... And Slash Your Monthly Marketing Costs by over $100.00."

"Amazing...I almost can't believe it...This one tool has made every other resource and piece of software that I have recommended completely obsolete for the next evolution in opt-in email marketing..."
Terry Dean, author of Email Marketing Secrets.

"It's so simple yet does EXACTLY what I need it to do..."

"The time Postmaster Online saves me is outrageous!."

"My site is now totally automated..."

"..Resulted in 50 personal sales and around 1,000 in my downline"

"A true mark of excellence!."

"The Perfect Online Marketing Machine..."

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Here's a few key benefits of our automated Web based database management
and marketing system:

=> Unlimited follow-up series and messages in each series targeting the needs and desires of each of your contacts.

=> Add contacts to your database marketing machine from all your Web forms and autoresponders, automatically.

=> Handle all your subscribes, removes, undeliverables, and and moving contacts between categories, automatically.

=> From any Web form and autoresponder your contact is able to get the information they want and not the the information they don't. (Even from within a series)

=> The system also tracks all your categories, messages sent, and Web promotions for you.

=> Even tracks and reminds you of ALL your appointments, tasks, and special dates.

Are you ready for a simple to use, low-cost alternative to automate your sales and marketing efforts online?

Online Automation, Inc. with over 50 years of combined experience, shares the secrets of "Opt-in" Email Marketing to generate contacts, leads and more sales. We teach you all about the last legal form of Email Marketing to empower you to automatically send hundreds and thousands of messages a week.without stealthing, cloaking, violating any sacred rules of the Net, or breaking the law.

This system gives your business an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition and puts time consuming business building tasks on AUTO-PILOT!!

STOP SPENDING every free moment you have on your PC. With this system you simply log into from any PC.

It's EASY TO LEARN, AFFORDABLE and as always you have TOLL-FREE access to our support team just about anytime you need them at 888-793-2882.

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We also provide you the articles, training series, and our top selling eBook for a fast track education. Use these same resources and our "complimentary" version of the eBook, "The Secrets of Opt-in Email Marketing," as tools for your associates and free "give-aways." This will encourage many more contacts to "Opt-in" to your database automatically and get the information they want instantly and down the road in a timely manner.

This is for people like you who want to give their internet presence more impact through responsive and responsible strategies/techniques. If this sounds like you, listen carefully. You will find your solution here on this page. A "risk-free" 30 day trial will prove it to you.

You will acquire new customers faster, keep them responsive longer
and explode your profits per customer.with less capital, time, and effort!

"Optimize your marketing, get a stronger response, better ROI and reach your goals faster with targeted automated database marketing."

BambooBizOnline is your solution to building a successful business. Finally there is a way with less than 15 minutes a day!


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We look forward to working with you to achieve the success you deserve.
Let us know if you have any questions at all.

To Your Success,

Mark Wittkowski,
President Online Automation, Inc.
Toll free marketing and product support: 888-793-2882
Direct line from out of the US: 701-258-0797

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