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Business Start-Up Fact Finder Manual

Although this is a US Manual, there are certain basics that are common to any business start-up any where.

America is coming home to work. Home-based offices are becoming the wave of the future.
Tens of thousands of workers are opting for this way of life, a life in which they can make their own hours, commute to work in seconds, make their own choices and become their own bosses. For many the home office is becoming the location for a full-time job and the primary source of income. For others it is a part-time venture.
Many start on a part-time basis and grow their business into a full-time operation.
Current figures available indicate that during 1991 the percentage of self-employed working from home jumped by almost 6% to approximately 12 million.
While working at home has an almost irresistible appeal to many, and many have some big misconceptions of what it is like, here is some very useful information that can help you get started successfully.

Legalities of Working at Home Zoning
Before setting up your new business it would be advisable to check on the legal status of your business. You need to check zoning laws for your community which may dictate if you can legally operate a business from home. We realize that many businesses never check on zoning for their home-based business and chances that they ever get into difficulties with the law are probably pretty slim. If there are no changes in structure and you do not have customers and or employees enter your home, regulations will tend to be far more easy. Laws and regulations change from community to community, but the following 5 factors will generally be regulated items:
1. Separate business and private entrances.
2. Square footage of the home which is taken up by commercial space.
3. Employees working in the home.
4. Certain occupations such as jewlry or clothing
5. Storage of commercial goods, especially any hazardous materials.

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