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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Just Some of the Testimonials for "Under Oath" -
The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing by Stephen A. Pierce


You have GOT to stop selling this book! Man, sorry for the excitement, but Tuesday night around 9:30 I put up 3 Smart Pages on my site following the information in your book. I just happened to be looking at my log files this morning looking for something else, and I tripped across a visitor to one of these pages, that had come in through Google!

This is with no tweaking yet, and if you look at the dates next to the listings, they were listed Wednesday and Thursday!

Man, this is great stuff! Thanks!

Chuck McCullough Chuck@AffiliateMatch.com


"There's nothing better than receiving a success story from someone using my material. I love it! Stephen Pierce sent me an email like that over a year ago. I was impressed and filed it away. Then he sent me an update with proof he made over $47,752.20 in 49 Days. Now I was *really* impressed but he was just getting started.

Since that time Stephen has applied all kinds of his own twists, turns and techniques to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars! In fact, I've now picked up many things from him. It's not often someone who has legitimately made this much money online comes forward to reveal exactly how they've done it. I say grab a copy right now before he realizes he's letting the cat out of the bag."

-Yanik Silver Author, Instant Internet Profits



That sums it up. I grabbed a copy of your product and implemented it immediately. I checked Google today and was simply amazed! I built 10 pages. 6 of those 10 pages are in the top ten already.

My traffic screeners spiked immediately!

Another thing happened. I noticed my current sites were not optimized so I cleaned then up for keyword optimization and they immediately hit the top ten.

Your SmartPage template is worth it's weight in GOLD!

I still can't get over how explosive this system is, I saw immediate results in both traffic and sales! Other Internet marketing packages I purchased didn't produce like this one after I implemented the techniques taught. Can't wait to start implementing the list management techniques you give!

Simply amazing!!


Mike Alarid



I honestly can't remember the last time this has happened to me... If ever!

Last night I got an email from a very high profile marketer, giving extreme kudos to a *brand* new product he apparently just reviewed.

So I visited the site on his recommendation.

That was at approximately 9:45pm...

After quickly skimming through the sales letter, as I so often do, I decided it was at least worth a look and laid my credit card down to further abuse.

I must admit that I just started reading out of sheer curiosity, but five minutes later was so deeply entrenched that I didn't realize time pass until my wife demanded that I quit.

It was then 12:00am and I hadn't moved an inch from my PC. (Totally weird unless I am working on a project of my own.)

Now, it's 9:45am the next day (today) and I have already completed reading the entire 206 page ebook, the awesome, ORIGINAL 95 page bonus *AND* also already spent 15 minutes on the phone with the author passing on my own praises.

Stephen, trust me when I say that this kind of thing doesn't usually happen for me.

Heck, recently most times I'm not out of bed until 11:30am, far less to be on the phone, with someone thousands upon thousands of miles away who I'd never even heard of before!

Now, no doubt you have been inundated with emails from various sales-persons trying to mulch early 2003 money from you with, "Start your 2003 right" specials.

(What can I say... Some are genuine and some just want your money to help pay their December splurge bills. Ouch!)

However, in my own mind after *actually* having read this new resource, cover to cover AND getting on the telephone to feel this guy out -- This is one ebook that I recommend *EVERYONE* of my subscribers and customers read soon.

If you can't afford it today, get back there ASAP.

It gives such a hard hitting look at online marketing and exactly what it takes to make it, that it is truly refreshing.

If you want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about exactly how this gentleman cashes in $30-50,000 per month, with DOCUMENTED proof I'd advise you to run over to this site now.

Listen... This guy is a little scary to say the least in giving you his *tested* opinions, but sure as heck he can back it ALL up. (You'll see what I mean when you get your own copy.)

I must admit I feel a little silly saying this, but many of you will thank me *this year* for putting you on to this.

Of course you'll hear from me soon, and have a great weekend. You deserve it right?

Best regards,

Your marketing friend and watchdog.

- Alex


Find Out More About The Truth About Internet Marketing for Yourself Now Here

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