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The EBiz Developer - January 2002 - Aricle One

Software that works...from www.nonags.com

You've spent 2 hours installing the software, reread the FAQs 4 times and it still doesn't work -
Or, it's all installed but just doesn't do what it says on the can - well that's another $29.95 down the pan.

Well here I've just discovered a website that helps resolve this to some extent - Nonags.com.

Here's what their can says:

What is Nonags?

Tired of software that doesn't work?

Tired of installing software that was nothing more than a sales pitch for some overpriced utility?

Did someone ask you to pay more than you paid for your operating system for a utility that took 10 minutes to produce and could be substituted with a three line batch file?

Tired of removing demos and crippled programs that never really un-installed completely and left your your hard disks with dozens of unneeded files?

Did someone tell you to download free software and after you downloaded and installed you found it doesn't work unless you paid $100?

At NONAGS we try to sift through all this, we do the work of selecting what really works, what's really free, what really is worth your time and effort. So we have put together a large collection of 32-bit Windows software that has no disabled features, nags, time limits, or any other tricks.

We download, virus scan, install, test, rate and list... You just enjoy the programs. Nonags is mirrored at many locations throughout the world from volunteer mirror sites, and it is absolutely free of charge. Please note that software in Nonags is for the Windows platform, we may expand to include Linux in the future but no date has been set yet.


To an easier e-life!

Vic Carrara

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