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The Home Business Developer now the eBiz Developer




1.Introduction... What can you expect out of this Newsletter?
2.Editorial... "When I was a lad"...the old-timer said...
3.Idea Development... Purpose - Just what's the point?
4.Business Development... Network to Find Experts and Insider Tips to Help Your Business by Keith Scheafer
5.Resources... Sites, Software and Contacts to make your projects run smoother and easier.

"It is well documented that the best way to have ideas
is first of all immerse yourself in a subject for longish periods
- like months or more - in which you study intensely,
and then step away and do something else -
go for a holiday, go out dancing, or something like that.
Very often ideas come in this sort of incubation period".
Francis Crick - Nobel prize winner in medicine.


Tell them what you're going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them.
A simple formula. One that's often used by speakers and writers,
and an example of what this resource aims to be about.
Seeking out and sharing formulas, plans and resources to make it easier for you to
bring out the best of your ideas, into practical, working, and profitable own businesses.

An often mentioned quote is that the only difference between a 'Success' and a 'Failure'
is that the former has more ideas to pick from, than the latter.
Too quick to discount ideas, or bad judgement in following a hopeless cause -
many of us continually follow hopeful dreams without any planning - ignoring available resources,
effort or rewards.

Now it's time to STOP! The tools that we need are out there.
Tools to help us create, discover, choose, and evaluate the best of our gems of acorns -
and develop them into working and profitable projects.

The focus of this Newsletter is to share these tools with you,
and create a readership of idea developing entrepreneurs - making the best of our best ideas.
If you've come across something that would be help to others...
Would like to contribute (either in the discussion forum, or write a feature)...
Have a suggestion on the development of this resource...
Please contact me at: eBiz@empowersu.com

Happy brainstorming,
Vic S Carrara,


Obsessive behaviour oft leads to corrupted results...
With all obsessed with the Internet and all things electron, we shouldn't forget or ignore the 'old ways'.
Phil Gosling (he of Winners Club and The Home Publishing Org), mentions in The Guild of Wealth, that a mate of his is still doing very well thank you very much, with that old method of direct mail and self-publishing... infact this guys web site just produces 'pin money'...

A company which markets books on the net (no, not amazon!), as well as having agents promoting it, comes out to say that the real power of the net is in providing a way for your customers to see your wares, with full information, and in full colour for the cost of a classified ad - the money-earning site is some time off yet.

I'm using this new fangled web thingy to broadcast this newsletter.
It's a subject I'm fascinated in, feel that I have some qualifications in talking about...
and hope that it will develop into a fantastic resource for its subscribers.... but it's free! (?)

The point? Don't get so obsessed with the internet to the exclusion of everything else.
Why are web sites advertising on buses, papers, billboards....traditional advertising mediums... To get people to visit the site.

With over 1,000,000,000 web pages out there...it's getting a bit confusing.
By all means get a web presence...start an ezine...build it up.
Start the Development of means to get an income through advertising, back-end, whatever.... but remember it's a glorified but fantastic shop-window -
It's what's behind the glass the counts.
If you've got no substance, you'll be found out and go down the pan fast.
Use the net to elaborate, explain, and demonstrate.
By all means put some relevant links (which might well pay you)...
Build up your net hits - the value in a site starts with a high hit rate.
Get that right, and then work out what you can offer them.

To do is to be - Rousseau
To be is to do - Sartre
Dobedobedo - Sinatra

3.Idea Development...

"An object to be attained; a thing intended."
And that's something we often forget in the development of a project -
Why are we doing it? (OK, there is also a great argument for saying that some of the best things come out of the side turnings we take along the journey....but that's another article)
So what can we do to 'stay on track', to attain the objective.
Track our progress.
Do you know the history of the development of the 'Post it' by 3M? The glue formula for the Post-it was discovered 10 years prior to its final use. It had been discounted because it did not fulfil its original objective - they were looking for a strong glue. As the research was going on, this tacky, reusable glue came along, and was nearly consigned to oblivion. Ten years in storage, and another scientist found the formula and thought.... this has potential...'Post its' were born, and as they say, the rest was history.

Hey! I've just been harping on about staying on track, and then throw you an example of not staying on track - and reaping great rewards!
Just what's going on?
That's the problem.
Both ways are right, both are wrong...but only do one at a time!
Set the objective, plan the steps, evaluate, develop, test, test, and test.
If it fails the 'tests' test - now is the time to 'go back' and collect the side shoots that evolved.
If you don't at some point become single minded - nothing at all gets achieved, apart from lots of wishful ideas, dreams, and planning....
Get it?!


4.Business Development...
Network to Find Experts and Insider Tips to Help Your Business by Keith Scheafer http://www.trueresidualincome.com

Networking is the most powerful force in business.
Even businesses that can afford lavish television commercials and expensive newspaper ads say networking is the engine behind their sales.
Most businesses say up to 80 percent of their clients come from networking and word-of-mouth. Networking is also an excellent way to get valuable, customised information at low cost or free.
Even one tip from an expert can give you a big jump on your competition saving you lots of time and money. I often use smart advice from very successful entrepreneurs to help me earn profits from offshore opportunities.
Networking for information is especially important on the Internet.
Bill Gates predicts the Net's most important function will be to connect you with an expert who has the right solution for your problem. Here are three top ways to connect with people who can speed your path to profits.

1. Find UseNet newsgroups that specialise in your main topic of interest. There are thousands of groups discussing any subject you can imagine. Most groups have one or more well-known experts who are ready to answer your questions. Post a few short comments or questions on the newsgroup over a period of several weeks. Once you are known to regular participants, you will find experts will be glad to send you long emails of advice that would otherwise cost hundreds or thousands. Best of all, this advice is tailored just for your situation.

2. Look for articles about ways to solve problems your business faces. Search for them by entering possible article titles into AltaVista.com or HotBot.com (which uses the major search engine database on the Internet). When you find a good article, look for the author's contact information at the end. Send the writer a short note telling her how much you enjoyed their article. Include a brief question about your situation. Most authors are happy to email free advice.

3. Regularly spend time on major sites with big collections of articles. Also browse the books in your local library. College and university libraries have particularly rich collections on just about any subject. Business articles and books are written for people who are in a hurry. Usually you can skim through, reading chapter titles and subheadings to find just the jewel you need to supercharge your business.

Keith Scheafer finds money-making strategies for businesses and individuals.
See his OFFSHORE private club membership that connects you with leading profit experts.
See his site at http://www.trueresidualincome.com
Get more information on top earning methods by sending an email to club@getresponse.com.
Reach Keith at 406-259-7558.

He was a self-made man who owed his lack of success to nobody.
Joseph Heller, Catch-22.



what's going on in the World: http://www.theregister.co.uk
Learn & Grow... http://www.newscientist.com
Healthy living, body, spirit and soul: http://www.holisticworld.com
Ready to quit the day job? http://kissmyfreckledassbye.com
Learn about investing: http://www.mrecohen.com http://www.armchairmillionaire.com


from Gay and Chris Rose,
authors of the Course "Step By Step - Success and Security in Self Employment" :
"Did the taxman fine you 100 for not getting your Self Assessment form back in time?
Join half the population. Inland Revenue must be making a fortune!
Most people are put off by the sheer volume of the 'information pack' sent out with these forms.
Do you have a question that you want a *simple* answer to? e.g.
How do I work out this bit and where the heck am I supposed to put it when I have?
Can we help?
No promises - but we'll tell you if we can't (and probably give you the name of 'a man who can') so at least you'll be getting *some* feedback!
Send an email with TAX in the subject line

Before you build a better mousetrap,
it helps to know if there are any mice out there.
Mortimer B. Zuckerman

I   INSTIGATE new habits, so that ideas can
D  DEVELOP fast, fresh, and
E  EASILY. Have a system to
A  AMASS and analyse them, so that you can
S  START doing something about/with them.

Best of everything,


(c) Vic S Carrara, empowers 2000.

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