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How to Sell More Off Your WebSite

Discover exactly how we make money with clickbank - $82,144.87 in ClickBank earnings in just 3 months and how we continue to make over $30,000.00 a month in net cash profits. These are insane profits - see the undeniable proof!


Selling products online is both your biggest goal and your biggest obstacle.

It's the very thing that can make the difference between being profitable and having a complete financial catastrophe.

But, this simple objective seems to be much easier said than done.

If you are unable to move products, make sales and draw buyers, your entire business can be wiped out at any moment ...even overnight.

For some, that could mean bankruptcy while for others it means staying in the 9 to 5 and never experiencing the freedom and financial success that having a profitable online business can bring.

The truth of the matter here is this, being able to make money online is not as hard as it may seem, but it's also not as easy as many marketers claim it to be and would have you to believe it is.

There's a balance between being "hard to do" and "easy to accomplish".

That balance can be found on a very fine line. A line so thin you can thread the eye of a need with it.

But the line is so critical it can make the difference between your business being profitable next month, or completely gone next month.

That fine line is... "the truth about internet marketing"

Let me tell you a story.

My wife Alicia sells Beanie Babies online at Ebay. They come in and out of our house like Pizza's at Dominos.

I mean she moves these products.

However, what many people don't know is that all Beanies are not created equal. There are many fake Beanies out there.

If you hold a fake Beanie next to a real Beanie, chances are you will not be able to pick out which one is fake. That's because the false ones are that good.

Just recently, my wife made a purchase and when she sent them to be authenticated and certified as real Beanies, two of them came back ear marked as faked Beanies and not made by TY (the manufacturer of the real Beanies)

My wife contacted the guy she bought them from and he said he had no idea that they were fake Beanies.

Be that true or not (that he didn't know), the point here is a very simple one, but a very powerful one.

Point #1: The only way you can be sure... be 100% certain that a Beanie Baby is a real Beanie is to have it authenticated by someone certified by TY.

Point #2: Until someone starts to Authenticate the Beanies, they will never know if what they have is a fake Beanie or an authentic Beanie.

With internet marketing, it's the same story.

A ton of information is circulated online about how to make money with internet marketing, running a successful online business, etc.

The ads sound good, the websites sound good, the product looks good so you think it's good, true and worth buying.

The truth of the matter is, there is more false information circulating on the internet about how to make money, than there is true information.

This fact is based on our purchases over the last two years which include over 300 eBooks, 15 memberships sites, 30 software programs and 10 marketing services.

Believe it or not, more than 97% of the eBooks were garbage and contained recycled, old, outdated, false, unusable, erroneous information.

Just like fake Beanies get into circulation and moving from buyers and sellers into collections without many people knowing they are fake.

So it is with internet marketing information. Lies are in heavy circulation and those lies continue to work against those trying to use them.

The only way to get the truth is to make sure your source of information is authenticated.

The way to make sure that the source of your internet marketing information is authentic is to have the source of that information provide you with solid proof.

Undeniable proof that not only the information, products and/or services work, but that they themselves use them, have benefited from them and continue to benefit from them.

Unless you authenticate the source of your marketing information you can never be sure that what your doing actual works.

You will then find yourself a few months from now, still having made no money online, asking yourself...

"What will I do now?"

There is now a way for you to be sure you receive authentic internet marketing information, tips, strategies and methods with undeniable proof that they work.

Under Oath - The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing was prepared by Stephen Pierce.

Pierce consistently makes over $30,000.00 per month in net cash profits from selling his own products and services as well as those of affiliates.

After being fed up with collecting and reading all the garbage information being circulated about internet marketing, it was clear to Stephen why so many are failing to make money.

They are being sabotaged and blindsided by misinformation and out right lies.

As one of ClickBanks Top 5% product movers and money earners, Pierce saw the need to speak up with the truth about internet marketing.

And so, he prepared "Under Oath - The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing. Virtually everything that makes money for Pierce and how he does it is revealed in very specific details.

When you own this book, you own an authenticated pool of information that is proven to consistently produce over $30,000.00 per month in net cash profits.

If you are in desperate need of targeted traffic to your website, you can now start getting it in no time. Just follow as instructed.

It works!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover:

*How to ignite rapid buying of your products like a shark feeding frenzy!

*The one ideal magnetic follow up email that pays big dividends ...all the time!

*The right kinds of products to sell online!

(Knowing the right kinds of products to sell can immediately save you time and make you money!)

*The only 2 things that create wealth on the internet!
*The hidden ezine traps that can paralyze your profits!
*The key to a high sales conversion from your list!

(Just this one change to how you handle your list can be worth tens of thousands even hundreds of thousand of dollars and more!)

Plus, you get other amazing marketing truths, like:

*The 1 little known thing that oftentimes makes the difference between the success and failure of an ad, and it's not the headline.

*The 1 thing internet marketing wealth builders and millionaires have in common.

*Where the big money is really being made online, and it's not with eBooks.

If you want to stop wasting money on ads that are doomed to fail before you place them, then get "The Truth" and start getting a waterfall of product sales week after week, month after month!

Get The Truth now!

Do yourself a favor and check out The Whole Truth Here Now

May The Truth Set You Free,

Vic Carrara

P.S. You will also discover how one idea in a 39 page eBook turned into +$47,752.20 in sales 49 Days! The Whole Truth

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