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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


The EBiz Developer - June 2001


I've just been watching the dog in the garden.
It's early morning and she's contentedly sitting in a sunny spot gazing at what's around her.
Doing what comes naturally, she's soaking in life.

It reminds me why I'm doing all this. Why I spend hours writing, promoting, studying.
So I can do as she. Just soak in life.

Unfortunately to do that, I (as a human being) need certain things (otherwise she won't get fed!)
I ... we, all need income. We need money.

Which is why I'm doing this - why *we* all are doing this.
We are running businesses.
Not hobbies - businesses.

So let's do it properly ...
Help others get their dreams by working properly to get ours.

So we can just sit in the garden and soak...

Vic Carrara

In This Issue:

1. Link Pages increasing my returns
2. Adtracking - The Essential Tool
3. Web design resources
4. Thoughts on success
5. Access to the private subscribers site - Now Launched!

1. Link Pages increasing my returns.

Like many of you I've been posting adverts all over the place.

Using the affiliation links I've been supplied with, I've re-written the standard advert a bit and posted. Great.

Couple of problems though. *I never knew who didn't sign up* The advert worked. People visited the site. Some signed up. But what about the people who liked the ad enough to have a look at the site but not sign up? They might just need another email or seven to convince them to sign-up ... but who are they? Perhaps that particular offer was just slightly off target and a different offer will have them sign-up. I'm losing prospects here... How how how!

Email address capture. *Legitimate* email address capture. Have a look at any of these:


Simple pages that elaborate on the advert that got them there, with a simple form that when completed sends them to the particular site. They get the information they want, I get their details. Waiting a short time after I get the notifications, I check which visitors have signed up (as we normally get automatic notification of new affiliates/sales this is straightforward). Those that haven't signed up then get a follow-up email with more reasons why they should sign up. Follow ups can continue indefinitely!

*Very Important* You must include a remove option. This legitimises your email. Also include details of their original enquiry. Something like: "You've recently made an enquiry about boosting your web traffic by visiting xxxxxx. This is a follow-up message. To be removed from further messages please reply to this email with 'Remove' in the subject line"

As I publish a newsletter I've also included a checkbox for people to click to subscribe. 50% of people click that little box! In the 2 weeks since I've started this small scale trial I've:

Added 25 affiliates to my free programs
Added a new web hosting client
Added 27 new subscribers to my newsletter
Made 3 sales of affiliate products
And *Most Importantly* I have them all in my database.

That's 104 new contacts that I can mail to that I wouldn't otherwise have.

I am convinced that many have signed up because of the extra information they have received *before* getting to the affiliation site. Something impossible before. Now since this has been a trial (I've been posting to various safelists with a total of about 10,000 members) I'm delighted. What will the returns be when I start promoting to a larger audience.

Over to you...

2. Adtracking - The Essential Tool

But which ad/web page are producing the most replies? As important as the previous article, and something I've been looking at lately. Where are my ads/emails getting the most responses? Which headlines are working the best? Which emails get the most responses? We don't want to waste time/and money posting to no effect. Some affiliations are now offering tracking...but to their own ads.

Here's one way I've solved it. If you have your own site with access to site statistics, simply create a redirect page. try this one:

(Link has been removed although script still works fine!)

Pretty instant? The script for the page is this: (Removing the *'s)



<TIT***LE> Free Internet Marketing Report </TI***TLE>

<meta h***ttp-equiv="refresh" content="1; URL=http://www.netmarkpro.com/empowersu/ereport">



That's all there is to it. Create a page on your site with the above (but obviously the right URL to whatever you're promoting) and advertise that address. The title doesn't really matter. You can make as many pages as you like with different addresses (Pro/free_report1.htm etc), and then by viewing your site stats discover the response rates.

BUT... you're not getting email addresses :-( In comes 'AdTracker'. This comes as a free extra when you sign up for the web hosting package I promote, or free with membership of the Warriors). (As far as I can tell it's no longer available as a single product. You can get it as part of a package of scripts for $197 here: ) http://www.cgitoolbox.com

This is simple script that you install in your cgi-bin that lets you track individual adverts to the same page. One webpage with as many ads you like pointing to it, all being tracked.You can test ads, headlines, safelists, placing of adverts etc, and get the prospects details when you follow the suggestion in the last article! Marketers heaven!

Happy tracking,

Vic Carrara

3. Web design resources

Web Templates:

Free Graphics:

Webmaster Tools
Metatag analyser:

Html Validator:

All round page checker:

4. Thoughts on success

"Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation." Zig Ziglar

5. Access to the private subscribers site

Now Launched! At last, the subscribers site is open. I've got ton's more info to add which will get done over the next few months. You'll be kept updated here in the newsletter, and on site in the 'Latest News' page. There is a link at the bottom of every page for you to use for suggestions, to let me know of bad links etc.


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