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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


Fun and Simplify

Two words are obsessing me at the present - Fun and Simplify.

Fun...? A fact. When we are having fun - letting ourselves have fun - 'stuff' gets done faster, has more energy, - and my belief is - gets a better message across - life is more enjoyable!

Simplify...? Life is complicated enough - Just look at the amount of self/business/help products around - Hey, this is what EBiz D is about - To simplify our search for effective ways of making our businesses work, and make money.

So - Some streamlining for EBiz D from this month:
Just one link to one page, rather than 3/4/5 links to different pages.
Over the next few months some 'cleaning up' of EBiz D's home, OnlyforProfit.com

Lessons for You? Make everything in your life as simple, clear, direct - (check the dictionary for more definitions if you're not sure) - as possible.
For your business life - this will make your prospective clients decision making easier.
For your real life - Have More of One. Fun? Whatever your belief structure happens to be - if you're not having fun, why not! When you hear the replies in your head, tell them to shut-up and instead ask yourself what you can be doing to have more fun - then listen and act!

A smile a day keeps the blues away, (so have more than one!)

Vic Carrara
EBiz Developer July 2002

Next Issue due at the beginning of September 2002

July 2002 Menu

Sometimes the best thing in life just aren't free ...
Experts in their fields want paying for the information that DOES improve YOUR business.
Here is a reminder of some essential tools that continue to grow my online businesses,
plus details of some updated and new tools.

Selling Copy - The triggers of successful salescopy.

Is it time for a Message Board? Site Reviews?

When Free is just not good enough...

Free is a fantastic word - especially when we use it in salescopy.
It's one of those words that guarantees interest.
But sometimes - it's not enough.

We know of the research that has shown that with certain products a price increase has also increased sales.
Well the same is true of our marketing - certain marketing tools just have to be paid for - free just isn't good enough.


With the 'free' version being downgraded to being published 'when full', subscribing to Wayne Yeager's 'Super Trafficology' has to be high on your 'must buy' list.

The latest issue, 'The Applications Issue' contains some of Wayne's own software that he uses to consistently gain the marketing edge - some very subtle indeed.

This has been one of the best 'expenses' I've ever made.

No affiliation, so there's absolutely nothing in it for me - just for you:


I've been a subscriber to Mike Grehan's newsletter for 10 months - and never been disappointed.
And now that he's updated his Search Engine Marketing eBook, there's even more to be happy about.
This has just been updated - all the latest tricks, techniques and ploys you will need to effectively put your site right in front of your prospects nose.

And as I've got the right to earn a living as well - I signed up as an affiliate:


I've been a 'follower' of Bill Myers for years. He was one of the first people to make 'a killing' on the internet, and has gone from project to project (selling each off at a great profit).
For any of you looking at making a paid for subscribers site, the membership fee to his site could pay for itself and fast:
You can also sign up for 'free tips' - a free twice monthly bulletin to get a taster.


A new resource that replaces the 'payperclick' type of program with guaranteed listings forever.
With many of EBiz D's readers being UK based - and for those wanting to specifically target UK buyers, this is an inexpensive way of reaching the UK's leading independent search site and directory network.

The @'click' network brings together the many of the UK's leading independent search sites and directories, including 250000.co.uk, dotukdirectory.co.uk, sparksearch.com, together with global sites like worldagogo.com. Submit to any of the sites in the network and you will appear in all of them, and you will stay listed in all of them.

You can discover more details here:

Selling Copy - Is you're salescopy enticing or repelling...

Whose mind are you in anyway -
Salescopy writing requires a certain amount of schizophrenia.
You know what it is that you want your reader to know - to understand and feel.
They don't want to know how YOU feel about it - they want to know how THEY will feel.
Writing great copy requires you to be in the mind of your reader - Hallucinate.

Here are 10 proven rules of writing emotion packed copy:

  1. People react basically three ways - by creating a picture, having a feeling, or self talking.
    Use that to get your reader to become involved in your copy - to create a reaction.
    Once you've identified the usp (unique selling point) of your product, get your reader to somehow experience that difference by copy that demands their involvement.

  2. Don't lie. Build trust and keep developing it.

  3. Be Real. Explain the 'hows and whens' of your products' benefits. Be specific.

  4. Justify the purchase. Make your product 'worth it'. What does it save? money - time - effort - shoe leather?

  5. Place yourself. Just who the hell are you anyway to sell this product? Let your prospect know of your expertise.

  6. Risk reversal. Make it as safe as possible for your prospect to buy from you. A strong guarantee secures more sales.

  7. Greatly used on the internet is the deadline - buy before to receive this bonus/discount etc. Use it but be different. Don't necessarily use one of those javascripts that automatically makes a date two days hence. Make up a genuine deadline with a real reason (see 2/3)

  8. KISS. Keep it seriously simply. Tell your prospect what they are going to read about - tell them - tell them what you told them. Make sure that you get the main points of your marketing message across.

  9. Use the numbers. If you can say that 2 out 5 readers have bought and recommend your product say so. People like facts and numbers.

  10. Develop a long term relationship. As you develop new copy, promotions and products, use your history to reassure. Especially important with your client database.



Message Board - Site Reviews ...

With the subscriber base of EBiz D now gaining ground, is it time for our own Message Board?
And how would you like it structured?
Technical advice - Marketing advice - Design, Advertising..sections?
What I know we don't want is just some other board full of blatant advertising -
So it's over to you - contact me here

While you're there, what else would you like to see?
Subscriber site reviews-
Subscriber product reviews-

Be creative - let your brain STORM


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