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Home business and personal finance

The aim of The Motley Fool is to tell people the truth about finance, helping them take control of their money and make better financial decisions. For many people, the financial world is a maze in which the best path is unclear and, however hard we try, it only seems to get more confusing.
We are an independent company and so we do not recommend one company or one product over another. Instead we will provide you with the information you need in order to make these important financial decisions yourself. If you find that prospect rather scary then don't worry. The information we provide will also enable you to ask all the right questions when getting advice rather than just nodding in agreement because you're dazzled by all the complicated jargon.

Sometimes it's the only way forward. Consolidating all your debts and moving towards a better future. This company also offers remortgages and loans for house improvements.
By examing the rates of tens of companies at once they offer the best deal available at the time:
Debt consolidation, remortgages, house improvement loans
It is always wise to seek the advice of professional services for debt advice. Your first port of call should be one of the free services run by thelikes of the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Cheap phone calls
Save up to 50% on UK landline calls, 5% on mobile calls, and up to 89% on international calls compared to BT. £5 worth of free calls when you sign up.

A Millionaires Secret
If you are going to become a Millionaires, best follow the advice of people who have already become one!


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