Your ad really will be seen 2000 times

How the 2,000 UK Advert viewings guarantee works

Next to each ad on screen is a viewings counter which increases by one every time the ad is displayed in a new county search. Your ad remains on the site until the counter reaches 2,000. You can see the counters for the existing ads on this site by selecting a county on our front page

No time limit

We're not going to pretend that our site receives thousands of hits a day... it doesn't (not yet anyway)... but however many hits we get, your ad will remain on our site until it has received its 2,000 viewings, however long that takes.

Share of first display spot for the lifetime of your ad

All ads on the site are displayed in a random order for each new visitor which means a proportion of visitors will see your ad in top spot. Your ad will NOT move down to the bottom of the list as more new ads are added. Instead you will have an equal share of top position.

Targeted UK advertising

Homebusinessads is all about advertising. Your ad is NOT hidden away amongst editorial. Visitors have found our site by recommendation or through a search engine - just like you did. Just one click on a county on the home page takes the visitor to the ads. We can display your ad in all counties or restrict to just one if you are looking for a local response - it's up to you. Visitors to homebusinessads use searches like "work from home surrey" to find our page. Remember - our visitors are actively seeking uk "work from home" and "home business" opportunities, otherwise they wouldn't have found our page. They will be looking at your ad.

Link to your website

When your ad is displayed one click will take a visitor direct to your own website, so within a few seconds of arriving at homebusinessads they could be browsing around your site.

UK ads only - No USA or free classified ads

Your ad won't be lost amongst hundreds of "get rich quick" schemes from the USA with distracting '$$$$' headlines. Paying for your ad raises the profile of your product above the run of the mill opportunities. Visitors will know that you believe enough in your product to put your money behind it.

Immediate exposure if you act now

As you will have seen we have only a few advertisers at present which means your ad will occupy the top positions more often.

Low advertising rates

Some companies are getting away with charging astronomical rates for fixed term internet advertising, without any guarantee of viewing figures. With these sites, if hardly anybody sees your ad in the one or two months you have paid for you have wasted your money. It doesn't cost us a fortune to run homebusinessads so we keep our rates low, and guarantee 2,000 viewings with no time limit.

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Note : We can only accept adverts from UK advertisers

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