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Review of Mangla Sachdev's 'Work@Home' Newsletter

by Vic Carrara of

'Move Out of Debt End Street' - I love that - Great hope, and the words wrapped around the logo on the front page. Not certain as to whether Mangla herself was on the street when I was there, but the sample issue I was sent certainly was packed with a good range of material for the home business entrepreneur - and enough to make that move.

My only niggle was the lack of interaction with the reader - no reader's letters. Perhaps it was just this issue, it was the 12 month birthday one after all, so perhaps space was at a premium - it certainly was packed with info.

And info is what Mangla offers. Unlike many so called 'Experts', Mangla actually does work at home, running and growing a successful business. As a professional entrepreneur, it's good to see a newsletter run by someone with the right credentials.

What struck me most was the range of info on offer - all of it relevant, but still targeted to the needs of the at home entrepreneur. Money saving tips, How to build a customer list, Part-time home business ideas, Motivation ideas, Interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and I've still got another 7 pages to go!

In an age of such absolute hype, Work@Home cuts a swathe through the dross and makes a refreshing, inspiring and rewarding read.

Recommended - 9 out of 10.

Vic Carrara

You can obtain a single sample issue by sending 3.50 to Mangla Sachdev here:

16 Curlew Gardens,
KY11 8GF

And if you are very fast and request a copy of the anniversary issue - you will also get close to 1000 worth of free gifts! Do it soon - Do it Now


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