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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Review of Barbara Ling's "Online Search Profits - A Quick and Easy Guide to Skyrocketing Your Profit Bottom Line"

by Vic Carrara - SuccessSecrets.co.uk


If you're looking for that package of information (Package? Well you actually get two ebooks, as well as Barabara's search engine friendly web page template), that takes you from the A to Z of setting up a profitable web site - Barbara Ling has produced a comprehensive package you want to look at.

Reading through the over 200 pages, you'll appreciate the clear instruction and examples that Barbara has used herself so effectively since her first steps on the internet back in 1997.

A veteran (sorry to age you so Barbara) of internet marketing, Barbara really hits every nail on the head. I was trying to find something that I could criticize --- and this package has me stumped. Damn You!

Successfully self-publishing several ebooks, Barbara is well regarded as a Business and Personal Coach, Internet Marketing Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur - and to my mind most important, some one who loves what she does. Enthusiasm in what you do leads to results - and results that more often than not outshine someone who is doing 'whatever', just for the sake of it, or simply just to make money.

"Online Search Profits" takes you from choosing your internet business idea, researching and developing your online business concept, making certain that you offer what your visitors want, designing and correctly optimizing your web pages for the search engines, website promotion, and beyond ---
For me, the strongest message was the research and preparation. Having knowledge of html and web site design means that I can sometimes just 'rush in' without having done the proper homework.
Barbara makes a very good job of guiding you to projects that have a reasonable chance of success (read profit).

"No More Missteps" is the second ebook in this package, and as Barbara herself puts it, is her 'primer guide for online marketing'. Given a choice, I would read this ebook first as it will really get you focused on what niche you will want your internet business to focus on.
As well as more information on the your business basics, you are shown how to find where your customers are lurking, what they want to buy, how to create that perfect product that 'they' want, as well as copy writing, self-publicity, and more information on developing that web site of yours into the best marketing beast possible.

Actually I do have a couple of criticisms - if you are looking for quick, no effort answers, these books are not for you. If you want to learn how to make money on the internet and are prepared to sit down, read and act on techniques that Barbara has proven to work - i.e.. You get off your backside and spend time to do it properly - then this will be of interest to you.
And perhaps Barbara, it might be better combining all the info into one ebook. I did find myself going from one ebook to the other occasionally as information in one tends to qualify information in the other.

Having said that, I have to give this a nine and a half out of ten rating - the highest rating I've given to date.

If you are looking for a package of information that takes you from developing an online business, researching your customer base, through building your website, to promoting and developing an online presence, visit Barbara's website here: Online Search Profits - A Quick and Easy Guide to Skyrocketing Your Profit Bottom Line - (new window will open)

Best of every success,

Vic Carrara

Barbara Ling Replies:

"Thank you for your review!
You're right in that this ebook teaches you how to do things properly the *first* time - customers save thousands of hours by not having to make the mistakes themselves that are so common in Internet marketing. And indeed, I do love what I teach - I really enjoy helping people become successful."

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