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Small Business Directory, UK Business Directory, Business to Business Directory, for Small - Home Businesses

Online UK business directory offering free listings to UK businesses and companies in exchange for a link from your company website linking to the UK business directory. There are no costs or hidden fees.

The BIZ - the Business to Business Directory. Register now and add your company, training products or business events to the UK's dedicated Business to Business Directory

2,450,000 business listed regionally.

One of the original business directories. Use Kellysearch to search for over 150,000 UK companies classified under 110,000 product headings. Kellysearch is free to use. Any verified manufacturing industry company in the UK can be listed. Kellysearch is updated every week

Now2Business is a business to business directory for the small to medium sized company. It combines a logical 3 tier directory structure with powerful keyword searching and geographical filters. This site is designed to get you to the information you want, how you want, by simple point-and-click browsing or keyword searching.

Our easy to use directory contains links to thousands of UK business web sites or online resources.

UK Home Business
Advertising site for UK home business opportunities. £5.00 buys a guaranteed 2000 views of your advert.


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