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The Real Home Business

Do you ever get that feeling, "What am I doing here?" I don’t mean the big question, the meaning of life and that sort of thing; but what am I doing being physically in this place at this time. I had that feeling last summer when far too early on a Sunday morning I was standing in the middle of a farmer’s field. The wind and blustery showers did little to improve my mood.

Of course it was all my wife’s fault. It had been her idea to do a car boot sale to clear out some of the years of accumulated rubbish. So there we were, up at the crack of dawn and heading for the middle of the country. You really have not lived until someone offers you 50p for your favourite shirt of a few years ago which cost you 35. Of course my wife loved it, she bartered, she haggled and seemed to be buying more from her fellow stall holders than we were actually selling.

It was about this time that I realised that I really would have preferred to be somewhere else, preferably at home and still in bed. There just had to be a better way of getting rid of our surplus worldly goods. A few days latter I was telling a mate about my Sunday morning and he said, "Why don’t you try eBay online auctions?"

Well anything was better than standing in a field so that evening I went online to look at

It was a revelation, I had never realised that there were so many people buying and selling through online auctions and the range of products on offer was mind blowing.

Within an hour I had registered with eBay and had put my first product( or as they call them Item) up for Auction. It was a couple of Steam Train Videos that I offered at a starting price of 4 and this only cost me 15p to do. Seven days later they sold for 11.50 and I was hooked.

After that it was not long before I realised that online auction offered a great potential for a home based business. The more I read and the more I learnt about eBay the more convinced I became. After a while I started to run out of items from the garage and loft and began looking for other things to sell. I bought the resale rights to some information products and even produced some of my own. Then I bought some lots from a bankrupt stock auction and even sold some items at a profit that I had bought off of the eBay site.

Since then I have opened up my own store on eBay, and why not, it was free and most days I receive cheques through the post. What I like about online auctions is that there are so many different ways that you can make money. You can produce you own products, sell other peoples, buy wholesale and sell in small quantities. Why I even saw somebody the other day selling his Mother’s authentic Spaghetti Bolognaise recipe and he had received bids. And of course you do not have to put items into the auction you can offer them for a fixed price using the ‘Buy It Now’ option.

However one thing has changed, now every Sunday morning I get up and go to a Car Boot sale. You would not believe the bargains you can buy there to sell on eBay™. The other week I bought a china figure for 50p and sold it online for 14.50. The big difference is that now I know exactly what I am doing there.


Dave Bromley runs Business Opportunity Bureau.
Office Suite 5, Poplar Road Business Centre, Cleethorpes.DN35 8BL

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