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Testimonials for Phil Gosling's Newsletter Home Publishing Course ...

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Ideal desktop home publishing business ...
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A brief list of unsolicited testimonials for Phil Gosling's Home Newsletter Publishing Course ...

Currently the star player is Carol who has sold over 9000 copies of her book - Joseph's Angel - within three months of using Philip Gosling's advice as described in the course materials.

This is approx. £90,000 in sales!



I would like to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the course (I've downloaded parts 1 to 10) and the tape set. It is easily the best material I have seen in this field. You can use it! -Mr S. Davies


Thank you and Congratulations!
I have spent ten years looking at just about every business 'opportunity' (so-called) available and reading ALL the books and newsletters, listening to ALL the tapes, surfing ALL the 'best' websites, etc. etc.....
This is the first time I have felt really, genuinely excited. .. It is brilliant!
Mr G Brindly


Held me spellbound..- Mr C Davenport.


Hi Phil,

just a quick note so say how much I enjoyed the Home Publishing Revolution - by far the best I've ever been to and your presentation was just what I liked - very informative yet relaxed.
I now realise exactly what I want to do and why all the silly bizop schemes (scams) I have tried, and spent a flippin fortune on, up til now have not worked. I have always thought that I was unlucky or somehow haven't got it right but the plain simple fact is they weren't destined to work from the start. I can see so much more clearly now! - Mr D Maleney.


The Course is terrific - I cannot begin to tell you what it means to me to have a course which I can actually believe in - I have been burnt so many times - Jane P.


My main reason for writing to you is to thank you for putting together such an informative and excellent course. - Mr S Dalglish.


Absolutely Superb. - Ms G Oliver


All I can say is that the information is "absolutely bloody brilliant", and I would recommend it to anyone. - Mr David M.


As a professional publisher I enjoyed your enthusiasm for our business and much of the content can be used in my own business to truly make 50,000 a year from your own, simple, home publishing business. - Mr M. Bloxam, Planet Publishing. (I mean it too!)


Hello Phil,

It was with great sadness that today, I completed the final part of the HPA course. I want you to know that you course is undoubtedly the finest that I have ever taken or come across, and that includes any by (Name Deleted)!!!
It has been a great pleasure and privilege sharing such a lot of the past year with you as the course has grown into the monumental work that it is. You have lived up to your part of the bargain, and I have profited handsomely from being lucky enough to purchase the course. You can be justifiably proud of producing something of such tremendous value, and I feel that I have got a lot more for my money than I bargained for.
- Mr Compton



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