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Why Booklets Are Valuable Marketing Tools

© 2000, Paulette Ensign

Does writing a booklet make you an 'authorlette'? Yes, it does. That is one of several key reasons to write an informational tips booklet - author status as an expert on your topic. Author status opens many other doors for you and for your business. It takes much less time, money, and stress to write a booklet than writing a full-length book, and can bring you as many or more benefits.

Here's a few of those doors:

* Speaking engagements

* Sales of your other products

* Radio, television, airline, and print interviews

* Consulting services

* Training sessions

* Quantity sales of the booklet

* Leveraging of the booklet contents to other formats

* Joint sales/marketing ventures

A booklet is a profit center unto itself as well as a marketing tool. Every time you sell a copy of your booklet to anyone, that booklet serves both purposes: brings in direct revenue while promoting you to a larger audience.

Booklets are best written in short action steps, giving the reader a jump-start within your topic, with some good concrete information. The best length of a booklet is also short, between 16 and 24 interior pages. As that reader experiences any success from what they read in your booklet, your own credibility increases. They want more of you and more of what you are about. The booklet gives them an opportunity to test drive you.

Their next steps will need to match their budget, learning style, and overall requirements. Your next step is to help identify what it is they really need. When your business has a full menu of related products and services, you will jointly be able to unearth what that need is.

Every person who reads your booklet can be a ready-made marketing representative for you and your company without your realizing it. As a single-copy buyer, they could, in fact, be a decision-maker for buying large quantities of your booklet to use for their company's promotional purposes. They may also be or know of a reporter or producer to schedule you for an interview. The reader might have contacts in another country or a community in this country who have interest in licensing your booklet into another language or a different physical format. You may be just the person a group was looking for to consult or train on an issue they need to resolve. Any of that and more can happen from a booklet.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how a booklet can be a marketing tool, a profit center, or both for your business. Everyone has something they want the world to know about. An informational tips booklet can be a great way to do that. What will your first booklet be?

Paulette Ensign is the founder, CEO, and Chief Visionary of Tips Products International, Her company's products and services match your needs and budget from home study courses and teleclasses to a wide range of consulting services. Contact her in San Diego, CA at 858-481-0890 or

Paulette has personally written and sold over 500,000 copies in three languages of a tips booklet called '110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life,' all without spending a penny on advertising.

She has numerous clients worldwide who have surpassed her own results.


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