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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


The EBiz Developer - July 2001

Another sunny day as I sit here... but not as relaxing as the last time I sat down to write to you.

I've been testing, and the results have kept me very busy! Testing different offers, headlines, copy helps you identify winning strategies, and the testingI've done over the last few weeks have proved very profitable.

I hit on a winner. The 'answer' may seem obvious to all of you, but till you test an idea you just don't know!

I wanted to know what was holding people back from hosting with Host4Profit through me. After all it's a great package giving you profits as well as space. So what was one of the 'hold-backs' stopping people.

I tried different angles, pushing one part of the package, then another till... I offered people a free 'mini-site' custom designed for whatever they were promoting...

Whoa!! I had to limit the offer fast and catch my breath. I had discovered one of the 'hold-backs' and hit gold. Many people aren't joining H4P because of the designing side of things.

Fantastic, I'm getting somewhere. With that knowledge I've been in touch with a software writer who is going to produce a script that will let my customers modify their site, online, with no html know-how at all.

OK, a bit of investment (over $600), but I'll earn that back within a few months with the extra sign-ups I've seen that I can get. Testing has shown me where a lot of the people I want to sell to are, and what's holding them back.

Now don't think I'm boasting...I'm not. I'm giving you an example of what you could achieve. What are your customers 'hold-ups'? What's stopping your prospects from signing-up with you? Test, test and test till you discover that and you'll be one step nearer your goldmine.

Best of everything,

Vic Carrara
eBiz Developer

In This Issue:

1. 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Haven't read it? Why NOT!
2. Blah blah blah...StartBlaze
3. Web design resources
4. Thoughts on success
5. Additions to subscribers site.

1. 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' book review

I don't often review books. Many are just rehashing old information.But this one had me excited for the first time in ages.

Infact I went straight out and bought the other 2 in the series before even finishing this one!

Is your home an asset? I mean that building you have a mortgage on --- is it an asset or liability? Say an asset and you'd be wrong, at least according to rich dad.

Who do you pay first? Everyone else or yourself? Probably like most other people you pay everyone else first. Stop, start paying your self first.

If all this seems confusing, it won't be if you read this book. The author, Robert Kiyosaki with the help of his 'rich dad', really bring home the truths about what money means and how to use it to create real wealth.That's 'Real Wealth', not the supposed value in your mortgaged house, or the value of your pension which you hope will be enough in xx years.

For me, the best insight was about the use of money to create wealth... Do you 'invest' in buying a car...or do you invest in something that earns you interest which buys you the car? Think about that one... You can either buy a car and the moneys gone. Over time the value of your car goes down and down. Or, you can invest your money and use the earnings from that investment to buy you the car. So now you have a car, and the money!

Yes, this requires a bit of sacrifice ... it means you might have to wait for your new car. But I know which one of those two options I'd choose.

This book isn't some 'get quick rich' hit. Far from it, it's about the serious art of creating sustainable wealth for yourself. If you want results from it, it'll require action and sacrifice from you. But hey, doesn't everything of value?

best of life,

Vic Carrara Rich

Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter.
Published by Warner Books ISBN: 0-446-67745-0


2. Blah blah blah ... StartBlaze

You know they actually do a 'stock' article that you can use in your ezine. I've now seen it about 7 times ... Boring!!

So here's my version.

Don't you hate hype? I mean doesn't it just 'turn you off'? It does me. Anything over-hyped and I won't see it, wear it, buy it or use it. (Perhaps it's me that's boring!)

So after the first 20 or so emails about StartBlaze I got a bit ... blazed. "I don't want to change my home page ... I like the rubbish they've got on it which I never actually read..." "Oh ... it's just another fad. Won't work."

You know, I've just realised that I've become more pessimistic since starting out on the net ... wonder why..

Anyhow, the first comment up there is just rubbish itself. How many of us are bothered about our home page...most of use our 'favourites' anyway. And as for being a fad - if it works, why not use it?

So I've signed up, and... well I haven't set my hits soaring but I've definitely noticed an increase. (remember I track all my hits). It hasn't made my life more awkward, and infact some of the pages I'm sent to with StartBlaze have been quite useful.

Apart from the hits, it's done something else. Reminded me not to be so pessimistic. The challenge is that nearly every day we're sent some 'newest offer', latest 'traffic building widget' and its difficult to take them all seriously.

How do you pick a potential winner (or runner at least)? I should have picked up SB because it was founded by Aesop, not exactly a small name in the internet business.

If you're not sure, look at the pedigree - not a guaranteed sign of a winner, but a good indication.

I wish that I had earlier ... I might have been with a chance of winning those 1,000,000 hits they were offering!

with a slightly more open mind,

Vic. Now here's the plug:


3. Web Resources

A great resource and Newsletter for anyone interested in web promotion and design. William and Mari Bontrager have put together some great scripts that will enhance any site, and most are for free. Definitely recommended contact.

Infact I like their stuff so much, I've some of their scripts in an ebook for you ready to download. All the details on the download page at your Ofp site: http://www.onlyforprofit.com/ebiz/downloads.htm


4. Thoughts on success

Every day remind yourself of your own ability, of your good mind,
and affirm that you can make something really good out of your life.

Norman Vincent Peale, Positive Thinking Every Day.


5.Site Additions...

WillMaster scripts for your site.
Details on new Service/Affiliation by Allen Says of the Internet Marketing Warriors.


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