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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Following on from the success of BBC series 'Mind of a Millionaire', I've put together some of the books linked to the series, and other 'millionaire-mind' resources


Think Yourself Rich by Sharon Maxwell Magnus
This was the book used to create many of the surveys on the BBC 'Mind of a Millionaire' web site - good read!

Smart Luck: And the Seven Other Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs
What makes men like Richard Branson and Alan Sugar so successful? More than talent, more than ambition and drive, Andrew Davidson believes, it's Smart Luck--taking a gamble when you know the odds.


The Million Pound Property Experiment:
How to Make Money From Your Home

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The 'millionaire mind' is nothing new - although a million is worth less now than when one of the first books written about millionaire personality was written in the early 1900's.
Mind of a millionaire books

Veronica Lim has recently put together an excellent 'millionaire thinking' course:

Articles/Book: Selected articles by Veronica Lim complied in this downloadable pdf file on developing your 'Millionaire Mind'
NOTE: This is a pdf file. You will need acrobat reader to read this (you should have pre-loaded on your computer). Either click and then save to your computer, or for faster download, right click and 'save target as'.

Article: Are you tired of not achieving your goals? Find out how to make it easier to achieve them by Veronica Lim

Free Report to Download: "17 Thing That can Stop You Dead in Your Tracks from Creating Lifetime Wealth" - Veronica Lim
NOTE: This is a pdf file. You will need acrobat reader to read this. Either click and then save to your computer, or for faster download, right click and 'save target as'.


Remember Tony Buzan, mindmapping and brainstorming !

Excellent information on using your whole mind to solve problems and create solutions --- Recommended


Millionaire Mind Articles

You'll also find many articles by millionaire entrepreneurs on this site - here's a list of the most popular:

'Believe that you deserve to be wealthy' by Stuart Goldsmith

Are You Sleeping With The Motivation Enemy?
Getting motivated to do something is usually the easy part. It's staying motivated that's hard. How many times have you been totally 'psyched up' for a new and exciting project only for it to fizzle out within a few days or weeks?

Stuart Goldsmith a how to prioritize your needs to make a success of your life and live your dream

ART OF MONEY GETTING or, Golden Rules for Making Money by P. T. Barnum 1880 - Have things changed that much?

The Andrew Carnegie Success Formula by Napoleon Hill

Stuart Goldsmith takes you through some essential values you need to follow to become wealthy

The Millionaire's Secret by Allen Says

Way to Success -
How to Bore Your Way to Success

Showing you the ways to success you are more likely to be a millionaire sooner through the practice of these self development guidelines

Luck has nothing to do with creating wealth - Stuart Goldsmith guides you to taking the right actions to creating your own wealth

John Paul Getty's Rules of Success. The eight rules of success the millionaires have in mind

Success Motivation -
Come On Then ... Are You Up For The Challenge?

Lack the success motivation to succeed and you'll never achieve goals. Time to accept the challenge now to just do it.

Think yourself rich by Sharon Maxwell Magnus

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Smart Luck: And the Seven Other Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs

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Books on developing the mind of a millionaire:

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Something for the future millionaire entrepreneurs:

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