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The EBiz Developer - October 2000

T h i s I s s u e S p o n s o r e d B y:
The MoneySpinner Beginners Guide to Web Marketing. Become part of the web marketing explosion and find out what, why and how to sell anything on the web. Top advice on choosing the perfect product, designing a killer web site and attracting targeted traffic, plus free stuff, business reports and more. http://www.themoneyspinner.co.uk/

1. Ed speak
2. 'Pay for it - Targeted advertising' by Vic S Carrara
3. More Resources and Links.
4 'MINDMAPPING 101' by Julie Jordan Scott
5. 'Listen To Your Ideas' by Michael Southon.
6. 'Four Ways to Profit from America's Most Affordable Advertising Tool' by Jerome Chapman of TopEzineAds.com
7. Next Issue

1. ED Speak

Good intent is not always enough. I've been promising for the last two issues for updates on my 'Theatre Props' project ... the promises stop here. This one is now officially on the back burner. One of the challenges is that it can be 'too easy' to come up with ideas. End result being not enough time to develop any of them with the necessary effort...which is why there are some extra articles on that theme this month!

As promised last month, 2 articles on effective advertising. Now the playing field changes quickly here. But the consensus at the moment is that paid search listings still produce the goods, with ezine advertising gaining popularity
Your input wanted.

As the circulation grows with each issue, lets start hearing from you more.
Comments, questions, tips, announcements, suggestions, even complaints - all welcome: all getting my personal attention.
And don't forget to forward HBD to any friends and colleagues who would appreciate us. Enough!
On with this issue,

Best of everything,

Vic Carrara


2. Pay for it - Targeted advertising by Vic S Carrara.

There's only so much promotion that you can do for free (although lets be honest you can get very good results with signatures in discussion groups). But you've decided that the time has come to spend to accumulate... but where and how? The consensus at the moment seems to be split between search engine placement and ezine advertising - targeting your niche.

This month we'll start with pay-for-search. Ok, you're doing all the monthly submit your webpage thing - perhaps you're paying a submission service to help. But sometimes hard cash paid out to the search engines is the only thing (infact there are rumours that most search engines will be going for paid submission). (before carrying on I should make it clear that I am an affiliate of some of these companies. You can take this two ways:

1) I'm trying to sell you this because I am an affiliate, or
2) I like the service enough to become an affiliate, and am happy to be associated with it.

I hope that you can spot the correct answer!) The established player for pay-for-click is GoTo.com, http://www.goto.com and as they have just partnered with AOL, probably a very good investment. In fact they are now claiming to be able to reach 75% of the internet market. To 'compete' you bid on your choice of keywords. Anything from 1 cent per hit upwards. You then 'bank' an amount of money equal to the number of hits you want to buy. To see what I mean, simply type any keyword in the search box and check the results. Then it's your choice of whether to outbid the number one slot, or bid for one of the 40 places on the first page (advisable). (Try typing in an obscure word or misspelling - and you might come up with adverts with no bids on....now there's a thought...)

One of the challenges is to stay on top of the system. Most people will bid on many different keyword, and your position can change from day to day. A useful tool that I recently came across is the first automated GoTo.com bid tracking tool. Each morning you'll be notified by email if your bid position has changed or if bid pricing opportunities have been created. All this with an unlimited number of keywords you can check. Keyword Bid Optimiser has already shown other GoTo.com bidders how to significantly increase their traffic while steadily decreasing their clickthrough costs. And it does it in just a few minutes.

If you would like a fuller explanation, go to: http://www.paidsearchenginetools.com/at.pl?a=135360

A new and cheaper bid for keyword search engine service has recently been announced by BrainFox.com BrainFox. This pay-per-click search engines bids start at $.001 and not $.01 like the other guys. It also has a lower startup deposit of only $5.00. (GoTos deposit is $25) Being a newer service shouldn't make much difference as you pay for clicks to your site, and it's sure to get busier as word gets out.

If there is a secret in successful online promotion - it's Targeting your advertising. Aim it to the most specific group that you can. With both pay-per-click, and ezine advertising (which we'll cover next month) that's exactly what you're doing.

Next month - ezine advertising.

best of everything,

Vic Carrara

http://www.streetwisedomains.com For your free report on "Keyword Rich Domain Names-They Are More Than You Thought" By Taylor Trump go to:: http://www.streetwisedomains.com Free Auctions, Make an Offer, Valuations, Registrations and Free Resources

Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, "Make me feel important." Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life. Mary Kay Ash, Founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics (b. 1915)

3. Resources and Links

Mind/mapping resources:

Discussion Groups to check out:
http://www.egroups.com/community/homeworking-federation http://boards.redherring.com/WebX?13@^2022@.ee6c014 http://www.homeworking.co.uk/forum.htm

UK specific affiliation-programs:

Free advertising:

Here's a huge selection of books, including online marketing selections, that you can either purchase, or read online. 14 day free trial.

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4. MINDMAPPING 101 Julie Jordan Scott - (c) 2000

Less than a year ago, if I had heard the expression "Mindmap" I would have thought perhaps you were talking about a Map of a Coal Mine of a Gold Mine or maybe a Anatomical chart of some sort. I had not yet learned the power of the connection between the left and the right brain on both learning and creativity that is possible using a technique called Mind Mapping.

The term "Mindmapping" was coined by Tony Buzan, author of Using Both Sides of Your Brain, in the 1970's. Michael Gelb explains in "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" that early forms of Mindmapping were found in da Vinci's journals and diaries. The fifteenth century Artist/Scientist gracefully used both sides of his brains equally, becoming a genius at levels people have aspired to for centuries.

The left side of your brain is the analytical, reasonable, logical side of your brain. The right side is the creative, melodic, artistic side. To explain mindmapping to my eight year old daughter, here is what I said: "Some people usually think like this:" and I held up a bulleted outline in one hand. "Other people usually think like this" and I held up a photograph of a hamburger (we were eating lunch at a local restaurant) in my other hand. I placed them on the table in front of her. "But the best way to use both sides of your brain is by using strengths of each side. You can exercise your brain like this" and I held up a mindmap of a project she has heard me talk about for months. It was simple for her to grasp as she saw my combination of words, symbols and pictures. Immediately she started giving me some new ideas, and she started her own mindmap to further explore her role in my project.

To get started with mindmapping is simple. For the sake of example, we will use a marketing campaign to build a mindmap. In the center of your page, either create a symbol for your campaign and add the name of the campaign to the symbol or write the name of the campaign and circle it. Our marketing campaign will be called "Fall Festival" with the symbol being an acorn. Quickly think of components of the campaign and name them, and write them as if they were spokes on a wheel surrounding the acorn or circle. For our example, we will write "Marketing Reps", "Media","Publicity" and "Bonuses". Connect the four components with branches from the acorn. In my mind, the acorn of the "Fall Festival" is already becoming a "Tree" of a successful marketing campaign. I did not have to think about it. I simply thought of the Fall and the acorns that rain on the ground in the Fall reminded me of that. The acorn brought forth a "tree" theme, which brought forth "harvest" and "branches" and a "colourful abundance of colours" which will all bring forth other sub-ideas from the four first themes which came to mind. My brain worked with the associations I made from the keywords. In no time at all, an orchestra of ideas will be washed upon my page. It is like brainstorming on steroids.

Another way to play with this technique for those who are firmly entrenched in the left brained outline, listing method of operation is to take the key points from your outline and simply write them on your page. Centre your main point in the middle, and in each quadrant on your page (Or how ever many supporting points, make a section) write one of your supporting keywords. Then just relax. Allow yourself to freely associate words and write them in their quadrants. That's it. Just play! Enjoy! Watch what creativity you bring forth!

There are literally hundreds of websites you can visit to see examples of mindmaps and learn more about how mindmapping works. Here are several for you to visit, to see mindmapping in action:


One of my dearest friends lamented to me, "I just can't do mindmapping. I am too linear". I challenged her as I challenge you, just try it. Don't be connected to your "performance" as a "mindmap artist". This is more like taking the first steps towards your learning or creating marathon. As you will see on the websites I have provided, there are many methods to mindmapping. No rights or wrongs either. The only wrong method possible is in not trying it at all.

If it was good for Leonardo DaVinci, imagine what it could do for you!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Certified Life Purpose Coach who works with action oriented, creative people who are ready to live each moment with passion. Dare to Discover Your Passion, Decide to live YOUR Destiny by subscribing to Julie's daily ezine. Send an email now mailto:DiscoverYourPassion-subscribe@egroups.com or visit her website at http://www.5passions.com

Turn your PC into your own in-house press release distribution center! Now you can get the word out to the media about your own event, new product, service, or website by emailing your own press release. "One of the most cost effective (100% free) ways to drive thousands of people to your site is to get mentioned by the press!" http://www.easyrelease.co.uk/levics.htm

If you are thinking about starting a business on the Internet or already have one, I highly recommend the Internet Marketing Center . Corey Rudl, a man that has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars with his online businesses, reveals his tips, tricks, and tools for online entrepreneurs. It is a great resource.

5 'Listen To Your Ideas' by Michael Southon. Copyright 2000

The Internet is a highly creative place. Every day people are launching new business solutions, writing new software, creating new scripts that do things we couldn't imagine just a few months ago. And in the publishing world, a quiet revolution is taking place. People who never dreamt of being authors are writing and publishing their own eBooks.

A key to succeeding on the Internet is your ability to come up with new ideas. But where do creative people get their ideas? One day in the mid-1970's a young man stumbled into a diner somewhere in the United Sates. Slung over his shoulder was a kit-bag that contained everything he owned. He was unshaven and needed a shower badly. He had very little money, but enough for a phone call. He rang his bank and asked how much was in his account. A woman's voice informed him, to his amazement, that the balance in his account was four million, three hundred thousand dollars. His name was Richard Bach. Six months before, he had submitted a short story, barely 10,000 words long, to a New York publisher. For the last three months he had been living the life of a nomadic 'barnstormer', sleeping in fields under the wing of his bi-plane. He had been completely unaware that his manuscript, titled 'Jonathon Livingstone Seagull', had become a run-away best-seller. Years later, Richard Bach talked about how he got ideas for his writing. He referred to what he called his 'Idea Fairies', silent intimations that came to him and whispered in his ear.

To capture those ideas you have to be very alert, because they're often barely audible. They'll come to you unexpectedly, early in the morning, when you're in the shower, or late at night as you're drifting off to sleep. Or they may come to you after meditation. Meditation is an excellent way of tapping into your creativity. Why? Because in meditation you go beneath the surface level of thought, where most of us spend most of our time. In meditation you dive down into a much deeper current, a subterranean stream of creativity that runs through all of us. As well as being alert and keeping an open mind, another key way to get new ideas is to read.

Ideas are living things, and like any other living thing, they meet and fertilise each other. When you read an article or a book, your ideas are coming into contact with someone else's, and something new is born. Indeed, that's the very reason the Internet is so creative; millions of minds are coming into direct contact in a way that has never before been possible in human history. This process of cross-fertilisation occurs largely beneath the level of conscious thought. Suddenly you'll have a new idea and you won't even know where it came from. So when you're feeling stuck or feeling that you've run out of ideas, read, read, and read some more.

Michael Southon is the publisher of 'The Free Directory of Ezines' http://www.freezineweb.com/ Discover 'The 3 Keys To Ezine Success': http://www.freezineweb.com/ezinesuccess.html

We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success, we often discover what will do by finding out what will not do, and probably, he who never made a mistake never made a discovery. If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.
Mary Pickford, American actress (b.1893)

UK AFFILIATE PROGRAMS - THE ReferAll GUIDE Earn Cash from Your Website. Join the UK's largest affiliate marketing network and gain access to the UK's most profitable affiliate programs from the UK's top merchants. http://www.affiliate-programs.cwc.net/index.html

6. Four Ways to Profit from America's Most Affordable Advertising Tool
by Jerome Chapman of TopEzineAds.com

Every experienced business owner can tell you about advertising that didn't work. They put up a lot of cash, placed their ads or commercials, and nobody seemed to notice.

When ads don't work it is usually because they aren't being seen by the right people or because ad prices are so high you can't afford to place enough to do any good.

Ezines or email newsletters solve both problems. Most ezines are tightly targeted to a specific group of readers. Ezine ads are also one of the most inexpensive forms of advertising available.

1. Be Tightly Target. Be careful to choose ezines that reach people who are likely to be good customers. Your ad for a business opportunity will do better in an ezine about starting Internet businesses than it will in a newsletter about athletics.

2. Have Patience. You probably won't get big response with your first ad. Repeat your ad over and over to get into the heads of the ezine's readers. Customers must first notice your ad, then think about it before they will make a purchase. This takes time, sometimes six weeks or more.

3. Be Customer Centered. Give your ad a two or three word headline in ALL CAPS. It should point out a problem the reader has or a benefit readers would like to get.

4. Include a Website. Although websites aren't essential to doing business on the Internet, most readers want to be able to click to a site for more information. Make sure the opening page of your website prominently displays information that backs up your ezine ad. Customers hate it when they find an interesting ad, but the website tries to sell them something else. Usually it is just an oversight on the part of the business, but lots of customers feel like they've been duped. Email is the Internet's most popular feature. As more and more people worldwide get online to buy and do business, ezine ads will become an increasingly important part of your success.

About the Author: Jerome Chapman is an expert on marketing with ezines and on the Internet. See his collection of powerful tips and Internet promotion tools at http://www.TopEzineAds.com
Reach him at mailto:jerome@topezineads.com.


Tell me for a change...what would you like to see. More on paid advertising focusing on ezines. Thoughts on developing your start-ups. Some excellent marketing advice from someone who should know! And more from me...with news of my latest trials, tribulations and successes.

Best of everything,

Vic Carrara


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