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Home Publishing -
One of the Simplest Business Startups ...

Discover the techniques of how to write a newsletter and see how you could join other successful self publishing home business owners ...

Hear from Top Desk Top Publishing Expert and Seminar Speaker Phil Gosling how writing and publishing a simple newsletter or ezine can give you more than a full time income ...


Would you like to see how you can set up a Newsletter in a few days and be in profit in month one ... ?

Would you like to discover how to choose which one of the over 10,000 hobby and special interest subjects you should pick to create your own Newsletter ... ?

Would you like to hear about how you could start creating Newsletters with very little money - and promote them without advertising ... ?


Let Phil Gosling Explain to You:

  • How to create a unique newsletter - with a guaranteed marketplace

  • How to succeed as a first-time self publisher

  • His personal Eight Step Plan that he uses to assure a profit

  • Why you should plan to make a profit in month one

  • Which is the best publishing project to choose, from the hundreds you will discover how to spot

  • Why it's better for you to develop cheap projects


"You Can Start a brand new career  ...

A career that can make you money in one month from startup than you realize ...

A career in which offering a free one page document can make you enough money for a world cruise!

A career in which I show you how a lousy twelve chapter book that you didn't even write can be transformed into a best seller that can make you a fortune year after year.

A career in which you can buy anything in the world you really want, paid for by a simple news-sheet on it that others write for you each month!

And you don't even pay the writers!

And no competition."

Phil Gosling


Try it out - absolutely risk free - Look before you decide

Read Part One absolutely FREE of charge & Preview Part Two ...

You can also email Phil with any questions you may have ...

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Home Desktop Newsletter and Ezine Publishing Course




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