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World Internet Summit 'Live Webcast' Recording -

Background ...

For the past five or so years a team of internet marketers have run the WorldInternetSummit.

You may or may not have heard about them - or been put off by the hype, or even fed up with more 'successful internet marketers' trying to screw you for money.

But one of the most different things about how this group attempt to prove that what they say is 'do-able, is by taking someone from the audience right at the start of the event.

Then, working in full view of the seminar participants, they create a
new online business with them, LIVE, from scratch.

At the end of the event, they then count the profits on stage. The last one made over $11,000 in 3.5 days.


The October 2004 World Internet Summit

Well as you can tell by the date, you missed.

They plucked this great guy out of the audience, and helped him earn over $17,000 in 4 days - in front of the audience.

Now this guy wasn't already some great website marketer expert. He didn't have a website up, a product to start with, he didn't even have a house - he lives in a van!

Now from that point of view, you must be at a better starting point ... but are you 'as hungry' as Roy was ... (hungry in terms of the desire to want to succeed that is).

Now this wasn't a cheap event. With tickets over £1600 each, it was definitely for the serious. And you got much more information than it's possible for me to go into here. But I love the fact they it's substantiated - proven on stage that what they tell you to do ... works, in front of you.


Live WebCast Recording ...

"You have 250 to spend on marketing a new Internet business... What will you do to bring in some decent money TODAY?!"

That was the question asked the Seminar Speakers on Sunday, the last day of the event. They had 5 minutes to give a clear succinct answer - step by step.

I suppose you can say it was a summary of what they were teaching over the 4 days.

Even I came away with an idea for some new marketing (and I've been doing this for a few years now!)

Much cheaper than the 1,697 ticket price, it was only $27 (about £19).

Now this is still online, and you can buy the audio of that 1 hour question and answer session right now.

Is it worth it?

It's only worth it if you are going to do something with the information. If you've been buying loads of internet marketing books, and not doing anything with that info - well, I wouldn't bother buying this now.

You want to start an internet based business. Delighted to get at least one fresh idea from each new product you buy - well, I'd listen to this audio then ... you'll probably get a good few ideas!

They've also bundled some other stuff with the recording which will make the offer more appealing to a wider range of people:

  • “How Someone With No Online Experience Can Make $11,431… In As Little As 72 Hours On The Internet. This amazing audio tells the story - in their own words - how not one, not two, but how five Internet startups propelled from zero to thousands of dollars monthly on the Internet!

  • The Lost "Armand Morin" Tapes - this is a precious 2 hour interview that was lost and then found with one of the Net's top Marketers - sharing and showing what it really takes to succeed on the Internet... And unless you've heard this tape, you're probably wrong!

  • The Amazingly True Story of How One Simple Sales Letter Pulled 33% Response Catch Alan Forrest Smith, the UK’s Greatest Sales Copywriter as he breaks down a sales letter that brought in an amazing 33% response. Apply the concepts you discover in this ebook and make an 25% in sales for NO effort!

  • FrontPage Cart Companion - makes adding AutoPilotRiches.com product links to your web pages a snap!

  • Think and Grow Rich - you get a free copy of the greatest success classic ever written, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Millionaires swear by it! it can change your life, too! Value $19.95

  • Lifetime Duplication Rights To... Subconscious Selling - Slipping In Under The Radar Screen by Ted Ciuba & Frank Garon. Give it away or sell it! You make money either way (if you're always on the lookout for products to sell, this is one you'll want to have in your library).

So as well as the recording, there's some other valuable info on offer.

All in all, I think it's $27 well spent.

Here's the link - World Internet Summit WebCast - and yes, I became an affiliate.

Best of success,


PS. When you click the buy now link, the second page offers you the CDs of the entire event. When last I looked, they had forgotten to update the price from the 'weekend' offer, so you could save yourself $700 if you're really quick.

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