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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)


Who else wants to write their own sales letters?

You've got a business - part-time, full time, it doesn't matter.
The point is that you have something you want people to buy.

You could be a startup, you could be developing your hobby, you could be the next internet millionaire ... it doesn't matter.

You need sales letters, adverts, reports ...
The problem is you can't afford a copywriter, and the books you've got on copywriting might be great, but ... but ... books are just not enough ...

But you're not used to it, and not sure that what you're writing is going to work ... to be a good piece of writing ...

If only you could have someone looking over your shoulder. Someone who could prompt you when you got stuck. Someone who is known for writing great sales letters, writing great books, writing great web copy ...

But how can you afford them?

Now here's a guy - top notch - charges a bit more than the normal $1200 a sales letter, he charges $12,500+ ... but imagine the rewards, imagine how he could make your sales rocket, make you look really good ...
Now if he could help to write the sales letter you need ... if he ...

He can ... and for a lot less than $12,500 ... a lot lot less!

Joe Vitale has over 40 years writing experience - writing sales letters, books, articles, web site copy and more - And studying how the best writing is created.

He's written over 19 books, recorded 5 volumes of instructional audiocassettes, appeared on radio, television and on national US TV.

He is known as the World's first Hypnotic Writer, author of the best-selling ebooks, Hypnotic Writing and Advanced Hypnotic Writing, (both of which are included with the software).
All of Joe's experience, education, and 'magic' has been used to create:

The Hypnotic Writing Wizard
Created for people who need to write sales copy, but don't know how to.

You might of heard of some other writing programs out there, but they are simple templates focused on writing the staid standard type of sales letter or headline ... None of them do ALL of what Hypnotic Writing Wizard does.

None of them use the spirit and know-how of a successful copy writing expert and best selling author.

Want Joe to help you? - not looking over your shoulder, but guiding your typing hand, guiding your thoughts, guiding you to write sales letters that you would never imagine you can write ... ?

Want a trial run with Joe?
What about a money back 30 day guarantee?

Try it out for a full 30 days, and if you're not completely convinced that you can write powerful, persuasive, hypnotic sales letters, ads, articles, news releases, speeches and more with this incredible new software, you'll get all your money back on the spot.... Guaranteed!

Want to find out exactly why this so much more than you can imagine?

Click here Right Now, and see what Joe's got to say about it!

"Anyone having trouble writing anything needs to boot this program up. Within minutes you can slide through blocks, get a handle on what you want to say, and come up with memorable ways to say it. This is a real breakthrough."
Robert Bly, author of "The Copywriter's Handbook"

"Your Hypnotic Writing Wizard is fantastic & so easy to use and a blessing to have at my fingertips. My strong suit is not copywriting. BUT with this tool I no longer feel the need to hire an expensive direct response copywriter for my promotions. It's like having you right by my side. I highly recommend it."
Robert Channing, President - www.Power Performers.com
High-Impact Speakers, Celebrities and Entertainers

"Neato! What a cool tool to help you with your writing. This is probably the closest thing to having Joe Vitale available at your beck and call."
Yanik Silver, Author - Instant Internet Profits www.InstantInternetProfits.com

The Hypnotic Writing Wizard --- Joe Vitale at your beck and call
when you need to write a sales letter, advert, flyer, brochure, news release, article, speech, web copy, or even an entire book ...


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