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Simple and effective way to promote your business using booklets - either as a free give away, or profit centre

Unleash the Potential of Booklets to Promote Your Business

By Paulette Ensign

You are an expert in your business. And you are eager to share your expertise with as many people as possible. Writing a book may have crossed your mind. Who has time for that? Consider writing informational tips booklets instead, a format that conveys much of your valuable expertise, with a lot less effort on your part.

Writing booklets takes much less time, money, and stress than writing a full-length book, and can bring as many or more benefits. Writing a booklet is less overwhelming than writing a book. If you have already written a book, you might want to divide that book into booklets and make more money from the parts than you will for the whole.

Author status from a booklet opens many other doors for you and your practice. Some of those doors are:

  • Speaking engagements

  • Sales of your services and any products you may have

  • Radio, television, airline, online, and print interviews

  • Large quantity booklet sales

  • Leveraging the booklet contents to other formats

  • Joint sales/marketing ventures

Booklets are best written in short action steps, giving your reader a jump-start within your topic, with some good concrete information. The best length for a booklet is 16 - 24 interior pages. As your reader experiences any success and satisfaction from what they read in your booklet, your credibility increases. They want more of you and more of what you are about. The booklet gives them an opportunity to test drive you if they have not already utilized your services, or to reinforce whatever they learned from you when they worked with you.

A booklet is both a profit center and a marketing tool. Every time you sell a copy of your informational tips booklet, it brings in direct revenue while, at the same time, promoting you to a larger audience.

Every person who reads your booklet is a ready-made marketing representative for you and your practice. As a single-copy buyer, they could be a decision-maker for buying large quantities of your booklet to use for their company's promotional purposes. A company or association who purchases a large quantity of your booklets as a promotional tool for their own purposes promotes you and your business with each and every booklet they distribute. They have paid you to promote you. Life doesn't get a whole lot better than that!

They may also be or know a reporter or producer to schedule you for an interview. The reader might have contacts in your community who has interest in licensing your booklet into another language or different physical format. You may be just the person to consult or train on an issue. Or they may need a series of speeches in different locations or departments within their organization. Any of that and more can and does happen from a booklet.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how a booklet can serve your business. Write on the topic you enjoy most and is the most lucrative for your company so your people can have a choice of the booklet, your services, or both when they are in buying mode. The person may want to purchase the booklets first, and hire your services later, or buy both product and service at the same time. Everyone benefits either way.

What will your first booklet be?

Paulette Ensign
© 2003

Paulette Ensign has learned her business by doing it. She has never taken a formal business course in her life. Her company offers a range of products and services to support your success regardless of your budget of time or money.

Paulette Ensign
Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary
Tips Products International
13146 Kellam Court, Suite #133
San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: +1 (858) 481-0890
Fax: +1 (858) 793-0880

How to Write Booklets

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