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Pitney Bowes PersonalPost™ Franking Machine -
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Pitney Bowes Personal Post Franking MachinePitney Bowes PersonalPost™ is a digital franking machine designed specifically for small businesses and home workers.

Pitney Bowes are acquiring 15000 new users per year and currently 30,000 small businesses benefit from the convenience, cost and time saved by PersonalPost™.

They have an Internet Offer on right now which gives you a 30-Day Free Trial, £20 Free Postage to use during the trial and a Free Advertising Plate.

Time is money for every business. If you’re still using stamps to send out your mail, then you’re familiar with queues, and putting extra stamps on to ‘ensure it gets there’.

Avoid the queues, promote your company and save on unnecessary postage costs with Pitney Bowes PersonalPost™, the franking machine designed specifically for the smaller office.

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