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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Jim Edwards on the future of the Internet ---
Streaming TV


Real TV Has Arrived Online by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

As I get on in life, the saying "The more things change, the more they stay the same" holds more truth than I realize (or care to admit).

Because so much technology makes the Web work, it' easy to forget sometimes that human beings are behind all the nameless, faceless technology we take for granted.

But, in the end, people drive the Internet, and people's behavior and psychology mean that history will repeat itself online the same way it repeats itself offline.

And, if there is one undeniable fact about history, people, and communication, it's this: People Love TV!

Let's face it.

Ever since the "idiot box," "boob tube," or whatever you want to call it showed up in the world, TV now represents a mainstay of entertainment, news, and education in most people's lives.

The bottom line reason: TV engages more of the senses than the written word and it allows you to see and hear things happen.

This heightened sensory involvement evokes emotion (gets you to react) and causes you to want more of the same.

Well, a funny thing happened this year that I believe will change the Internet forever.

Macromedia came out with Flash Player 7, which allows streaming of full motion video files, even over dial-up Internet connections.

What makes this newest version of the Flash technology so important is that it works on ALL computers and does not require special servers to deliver content.

Now at this point, the size of the actual video on your computer screen will remind anyone over sixty of the original 3-inch TV screens a came in a huge walnut cabinet.

But, that will change quickly enough.

Technology always catches up with what people want, and people want TV-style communication on the Web.

Not Oprah or the evening news, but rather the same experience as TV where they see and hear information on subjects that interest them.

Imagine the Web taking local cable access one step further by allowing individuals to broadcast not only on the "local channel," but provide TV on-demand on every "local channel" around the world!

Now understand that this isn't pie in the sky or "next year" technology.

It's here and now and I've used it myself!

It's a little clunky on the production end, but that will clear up soon enough. You can check out my video at http://www.igottatellyou.com/issue25/

Just like the 3-inch screens of the 1940's gave way to the 52-inch screen plasmas of the late 1990's, true streaming video has finally arrived and the screen sizes will get bigger as compression technology improves.

And this time, it won't take 50 years to get there.

I expect to see full-screen, or near full-screen video on the Web over dial-up connections within the next 2 years.

But until then, the technology has reached a point where it represents a viable option for people with a message to share that needs more power than traditional text and static picture format.

It's a bit more expensive to produce than people expect, and the picture for dial-up users is a tad small, but it's a start... and that's all most people need.

The future of the Web for the next 5-10 years just arrived.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links...

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