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Home business internet marketing e-books:

Home Publishing
Internet Marketing

Making Money on Ebay™

Email Marketing


Direct Mail
and more

Books on Computing

Ultimate Beginners Computer Guide

Make the most out of your computer with access to this easy to read, Ultimate Beginners Computer Guide.
Find out how to download files, zip and unzip, navigate your computer, back up files, ftp, avoid viruses, cut and paste, chat, send instant messages, download and play mp3's, and more.
"Ultimate Beginners Computers Guide"

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Discount Desktop and Laptop computers, printer inks and other computer resources

Discount Dell computers from Dell Outlet

Books on Copywriting

Who else wants to write their own sales letters?

The problem is you can't afford a copywriter, and the books you've got on writing copy might be great, but ... but ... books are just not enough ...
Sales letter writing - How to write a GREAT sales letter

“301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques, & Secrets” The Insider’s Guide to Direct Mail Marketing by Bill Myers.

More than simply a Direct Mail masterclass, Bill Myers also shares with you his excellent product development know how. Great all round book from choosing and developing your business product, to promoting it for maximum profits:
301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques, & Secrets

How to Write so People Buy Now.

This complete mini-course in successful copywriting shares the proven rules and tips on how to capture your readers attention and make them buy now:
Magic Letters - How to write so people buy now - FREE Direct Download

Scientific Advertising.

One of the classics of the advertising arts. Is your advertising working for you? Is it costing you too much? Is it turning prospects away? Just some of the lessons you must learn:
Scientific Advertising - FREE Direct Download

MAGNETIC SALESLETTERS the Ultimate Collection of Winning Ads and Salesletters

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well you are going to flatter the best copywriters around.
This is a collection of sales letters which have done the business - created massive sales for their promoters.
And now they have been compiled in this one large volume - an instant copywriting 'swipe file' - ready for you to copy and adap to your own products:
MAGNETIC SALESLETTERS the Ultimate Collection of Winning Ads and Salesletters by Michael Kimble

How To Sell ANYTHING (in unlimited amounts) With Super-Responsive Classifieds!

Classified ads are the bait - if people don't 'bite', you can forget using your fanatastic follow up info.
If you’re serious about success with  classified advertising...you have to read this book:
How to Sell Anything by Robert Boduch

How To Attract More Interested, Enthusiastic Prospects... More Customers...

Another solid copywriting book by master copywriter Robert Boduch.
Used in classifieds, slaes pages, web pages, ALL sales copy has a headline. And great salescopy has a great headline. Command your targetted prospects to read your sales copy:
Great Headlines Instantly by Robert Boduch

"7 Steps To Killer Ad Copy"

Free email course by an excellent copywriter, Russ Phelps:
7 Steps to Killer Advertising Copy - FREE 7 PART EMAIL COURSE

Secrets to Creating Net Ads That SELL

You Can Have The Best Product Or Service Mega Traffic To Your Site And Not Sell Squat !
You know it's true. Without A Compelling Sales Presentation You Are Dead In The Water, Period! That Is A Fact. All That Is About To Change For You. You Will Now Have The Tools To Write A Compelling Ad Or Master Sales Presentation Every Time. One That Works Like Magic Whenever You Need It. Utilizing Unique Marketing Techniques You Won't Find Anywhere Else.
The Net Is A "Marketing Paradise"  If You Just Approach It Right !
Secrets to Creating Net Ads That SELL


Direct Mail

Acquire the equivalent of a  Direct Mail Marketing “Masters Degree” in one reading...

301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques, & Secrets - Bill Myers

Get a Lifetime of Direct Mail Test Results Without Any of the Work or Expense! from the Direct Marketing Guru Bill Myers:
301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques and Secrets

Insiders Guide to Direct Mail - Bill Myers

This is an extensive manual which comprehensively examines direct mail techniques developed by master direct mail marketers, at The Direct Mail Bootcamp held in Hot Springs, Arkansas in the spring of 1992, and compiled by Bill Myers - Master Direct Mailer himself ...
Insiders Guide to Direct Mail - Bill Myers



The Complete eBay™ Auction Marketing E-Course

Great low cost introduction ebook on making money sellin on auction sites. What products to sell, wht days are best --- and more:
The Complete eBay™ Marketing Course

Ebay™ Secrets Revealed

"43 year old mother of 3 pulls down $2000 a week on eBay™"
Sound impossible? It's not, thousands of people are doing it right now. There are some making much more than that and this new ebook written by David Vallieres shows you exactly how it's done.
Ebay™ Secrets Revealed


Email Marketing

Autoresponder Magic

Most people buy on the 5 or 6th contact. Maintaining that contact, developing rappport, building trust is key to successful email marketing. This massive collection of actual proven autoresponder messages is ready for you to model, copy and swipe. (Plus You Get The Rights to Sell This New Resource and Keep ALL the Profits!).
AutoResponder Magic

Email Marketing Strategies Revealed

Whether you're starting a new business or have been in business for years, if you're not using effective e-mail marketing strategies in your business, it is probably costing you a fortune in advertising dollars and in huge profits! 
Email Marketing Strategies Revealed


Home and Self Publishing

Start your own home-publishing business

The Self-Publishing eBook Collection
Ten Downloadable eBooks to get you writing, publishing and selling within days.

The Home Publishing Course

- No obligation - from the UK's million best seller self publisher Phil Gosling
Self-publishing details

“How to Write A Book On Anything in 14 Days or Less... Guaranteed! —A Guide for Professionals”

Famous Master Writer Teaches You How to Write Your Book in Less Than 14 Days… Guaranteed!
Discover How He’s Trained Thousands to Write Their Book Faster Than They Ever Thought Possible!
Regardless of Your Writing Ability, Even If You’ve Never Written Anything Even Close To The Size Of A Book, Even If You Have Only A Few Minutes A Day To Make it Happen—If You’re A Professional, This Is Information You MUST HAVE!
How to Write Your Book in Less Than 14 Days… Guaranteed!

How to write an ebook in 7 days

Write your own ebook in 7 days with this step by step plan from ebook publublisher Jim Edwards
How to write an ebook in 7 days

How to create Best Sellers

*How to Create Best-Sellers Online* was created for online entrepreneurs
of all levels who want to generate fortune and fame with their own runaway hit product.
How to create Best Sellers

"How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as Little as 7 Days"
by Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale

Step by step guidance to lead you to writing and publishing your own best selling ebook. Joe Vitale alone has helped over 200 authors write, publish and promote their books prior to being joint author to this gem of an ebook. Between the two of them, Jim and Joe have written, created and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in best selling ebooks and info-products online, and have produced a clear step by step plan on how you can join them in the writing business.
How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as Little as 7 Days


Internet Marketing

Increase Sales By Flying Under Your Prospects' "Radar Defenses"

 - by Jim Edwards. How do you persuade someone to do what you want them to do? A whole world of marketing exists around us trying to do that every minute of the day. Do you even notice it anymore or, like your prospects, have you subconsciously set up a system of "radar defenses" against the daily bombardment of marketing messages? Turn Words into Traffic

Sell More Products Online

"What Will You Do Months From Now When You Still Haven't Made Money Online?" Selling products online is both your biggest goal and your biggest obstacle. It's the very thing that can make the difference between being profitable and having a complete financial catastrophe...This marketer has developed a new way of changing the odds dramatically in your favour.
Sell More products Online | Testimonial by Allen Says

30 Days to Internet Marketing Success by Joe Kumar

Joe Kumar had the brilliance to do something most of us shy away from --- Ask for advice. He contacted over 100 people who are making a living from the interenet and aksed them how they would go about starting from scratch. 60 replied, and their step by step instructions are deep insight on what you have to do to make money on the net - and in many cases, easier than you imagine.
SPECIAL OFFER - Price down to $37 - Save $60
30 Days to Internet Marketing Success, from Joe Kumar
Reviews - Free sample download of Volume One - Free sample download of Volume 2 - Article by Joe

Internet Cash Machines

- learn a simple system that Master Marketer Allen Says of the Internet Marketing Warriors has used over the last 5 years to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and services.
Internet Profits System

The Money Browser

How Would You Like The Hottest Books, Scripts And Internet Marketing Courses Delivered Directly To Your Desktop? Amazing new resource by the 'Original Internet Marketer - Allen Says'
The Money Browser

Insider Internet Marketing

If you are serious about your online marketing You need to read THIS book. If you ever wondered exactly what it takes to see Real Profits on the internet, this book is the answer...
"Insider Internet Marketing"

Discover how to churn out successful 2 page websites

- Marlon Sanders has created an entire system creating and rolling out products via simple two-page web sites. He has this thing down to a virtual science. He has cut out every single ounce of fat, tested it, perfected it.
Exactly how to create products fast, and roll them out successfully with simple two-page mini-sites.

The Amazing Formula

What to do tomorrow morning to begin selling your products like crazy. The secret of getting 1,000 referrals at a time. The method one guy used to build a million dollar business for a big cash-out.
Sell your products by the hundreds

7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic

Go straight to the most important things you need to do to create major traffic and not waste your time bothering with useless methods like posting to free link pages.
7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic - FREE Download


Successful Living

The Magic Story

This book created a sensation when first published way back in 1900 in 'Success Magazine'. Now available in online, this rare book is again storming the world.
The Magic Story

Dominant Power

A mini library of classic downloadble books on focusing your mind on success. From the early 1900's, these book have a certain directness and softness that modern books lack.
I find myself often going to them for quick boosts of success mind reminders.
DominantPower Archives

The Science of Success:

Gary Vurnum is a successful Business and Success coach with a business created from years of study and experience. A day's consultancy with Gary would cost you what most people earn in a fortnight.
So it's great to see him putting much of this success know-how into an accessable ebook 'The Science of Success'.
The Science of Success

Napoleon Hill's 'The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons'

You may have heard the story about Dr. Napoleon Hill and how he came to write what is now the best-selling personal development book of all time "Think & Grow Rich".
What you may not know is that "Think & Grow Rich" was only really a summary of a much larger work some nine years earlier. "The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons" was Napoleon Hill's the work he really wanted you to read.
The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons

3 Minute Steps to Success:

In just 3 minutes and with 3 simple steps, you could change the way your business and life work.
Whether you're looking for more capital, more customers or more profits, your chances of success will be doubled, tripled and more, when you read the material that many of the web's successful marketers read and refer to regularly.
Power Pause - 3 Minute Steps to Success

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