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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)

Start your own self publishing ebook business

The Self-Publishing eBook Collection

Ten Downloadable eBooks to get you writing, publishing and selling within days.


Book One:

Self-Publish At The Speed of Thought

    1. Keep a score card - Know your competition.
    2. Pricing for fun and profitability.
    3. Achieving best selling status on Barnes and Noble.
    4. Achieving best selling status on Amazon.
    5. Creating cd-rom e-books
    6. How to sell your thoughts

Normal Price £6.95


Book Two:

A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks

    1. What is an ebook and why should I publish one?
    2. What do I gain from publishing ebooks?
    3. How to publish your ebook in just one day.
    4. Marketing your ebook with no budget - Using fingertip marketing to sell your books.
    5. What you need to sell ebooks from your website.
    6. Setting up back up systems.
    7. eBook and internet marketing systems.
    8. Publishing ebooks on ebook reading devices.
    9. How to turn your ebooks into bound books.
    10. A one source solution for ebook readers, paperback books, and more!

      Normal price £6.95


Book Three:

eBook Cover Templates

If you're looking for an eBook graphic to use on your web site and you can't seem to create one on your own, then the eBook Cover Gallery may be the answer for you! This collection has been put together to help you to market your info products.

Normal Price £6.95


Book Four:

eBook Submitter

List of ebook stores and publishers seeking submissions from ndependent authors. Full submission guidelines, royalty rates etc.


Once you have your ebook ready for sale, you'll need these:

Book Five:

How to get THOUSANDS of other people selling YOUR PRODUCT and NEVER spend a penny on advertising again! With the FREE ADVERTISING SYSTEM you will *literally* NEVER pay for advertising again as you discover a unique system for promoting ANY product or service online with a ZERO-DOLLAR budget.

"The Free Advertising System:
How to Never Pay for Advertising Again"


Book Six:

Autoresponder Magic

A Massive Collection of Winning Autoresponder Messages to Model, Copy and Swipe (Plus You Get The Rights to Sell This New Resource and Keep ALL the Profits!)

Normal Price: £10.95


Book Seven:

The Magic Story

An immediate WORLDWIDE sensation was created after "The Magic Story" first made its appearance in 1900 in the original Success Magazine. After 1000's of requests for the reprint, a tiny, silver book was published. Now, an eBook so that you may benefit from its powerful message.


Book Eight:

Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins

As the title of this book suggests, advertising is a science not an art. And very little has changed over time with the basic principles being the same. This 58 page ebook is the most fascinating (and short) book I have ever read on advertising. It explains the basic principles with examples in a very common sense and clear manner. The self-extracting zip file containing a .pdf copy of the famous book written by Claude C Hopkins.


Book Nine:

"7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic!" by Allen Says

This short eBook will help you to go straight to the most important things that you need to do, to create major traffic and not waste your time bothering with useless methods like posting to free link pages. While classified ads, newsgroups and free link pages may be ok for the short term, they absolutely can not create Self Generating traffic that grows on its own. If you concentrate your efforts on the ideas in this small eBook you will create massive traffic to your site that multiplies on itself automatically.
The first 4 reports in this eBook are vital to your success on the Internet.


Book Ten:

"Magic Letters"-
How To Write So People Buy Now! by Allen Says

Certain Words Are Irresistible!
Bulleted Benefit Lists Create Buyers!
Create Action! - Appeal To The Subconscious!
The Rule of White Space!
Use Sub-Headlines to Catch Quick Readers!
The Strange Power of Command Copy!
Create Mental Movies In The Mind of Your Reader!
Educate - Inform & Sell More!
Explode Sales by Increasing Perceived Value!
The WIIFM Rule!
The Power of Someone Else "Blowing Your Horn!"
Headlines - The Ad For the Ad!
Become The Person You Want To Influence!
Simple Words & Short Sentences Make Money!
Create Ideas In The Readers Mind!
The Power of Speaking With Authority!
Be Dramatic, Bold, Exciting!



Please note:
Many of these are Windows .exe files.
Mac users will need windows compatible software.

These are American products and completely relevant to Self Publishing anywhere.
Certain of these eBooks are available for free.
I have gathered them from variouse sources to complement this package.


- Save Yourself £26.85 -

Self Publishing eBook Collection Only £4.95

Buy and Download Now with Paypal:

Or payment may be made by:

UK sterling cheque or postal order

Make payments out to 'empowers' and send to:

Vic Carrara,
35 Brookside,
Collingham, Wetherby,
LS22 5AL,
United Kingdom

On payment being cleared, you will be contacted with the download address for this Great Package.


Or Pay by Nochex
(address to use is payments@successsecrets.co.uk)
Please quote ss01-Selfpublish

On payment being cleared, you will be contacted
with the download address for this Great Package.


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